The Loo with View, Jordan

The Loo with View, Jordan

You will be surprised when you arrive.

Sami will probably welcome you right away with the words „Would you like to see something really special?“

That's how I was welcomed and my first ironic thought was, “Oooohhh, how exciting! Now I'm going to see souvenirs.” But instead of showing me his place, we went the other direction.

The loo!

Yes, he showed me his very special toilet!

What's so special about a toilet? It was a kind of hut. It was very tiny and hold together by blankets. But it had running water, was clean and had an amazing view!

Sami's place lies close to the top of one of the deepest and biggest canyons of Jordan. I'm sure you have seen photos of the Grand Canyon in the USA already. Imagine sitting down on a toilet, which is situated right at the top and on the edge of it. Not that bad, right? OK, you won't find the real Grand Canyon in Jordan, but I'm sure that you will still be impressed by the view.

The toilet is situated around 20 meters away from his place, so you can just sit down, take a rest and keep the door/curtain open. That way you will look right into the valley beneath you.

His place lies on the Road of the Kings between Amman and Petra. When coming from Amman, you will drive down into the “Grand Canyon” of Jordan, pass the dam and drive uphill again. Close to the top and on the left side, you will see a kind of bedouin tent with some parking space. There is also a second view point with a souvenir stand a bit higher, but that one doesn't have that special loo experience.


It's a place where you should consider a toilet break!

Even if there is no need for a quick toilet break, you should just stay a bit, visit Sami and drink a nice cup of tea. He will take care of you and you could enjoy a strong and delicious coffee or a tea made out of fresh leafs and eat some nice biscuits.

But that's not all... You will enjoy your drink also with a stunning view!

He got some couches right at the edge, where you have the same amazing view of the valley, just the way you would have on the loo.

Sami lives there for a while now. Before he was working in the military and drove that road twice a day. He always saw that travelers stopped at this point to enjoy the view. He realized that he found a way of settling down, enjoy life and welcome guests.

Sure, if you like souvenirs, he got these as well. But when I've met Sami, I realized right away, that he is not the typical souvenir guy. He welcomes you with a warm and friendly smile. He is a good example how Jordanian guest friendliness looks like.