London’s Tallest Structures and Viewing Platforms to Explore

London’s Tallest Structures and Viewing Platforms to Explore

Have you got bored of your life and wish to try something exquisite? There are several ways by means of which you can truly look ahead to make the most of your vacation in the most blissful manner.

One of the recreational ways to achieve the best memories in life is simply by means of exploring the most enthralling travel attractions. There is no dearth of choices that you can select. If you are well determined to explore most of the fabulous travel attractions of the English capital during your upcoming vacation then you can surely look ahead to plan things wisely.

A trip to London is definitely going to make you feel a lot more enriched, even more than what you have always desired for. A tour to London city is all what you need to explore and enjoy during your upcoming vacation. London has surely got all of it that it would take to make you feel captivated throughout the time. If it has been a long time that you have not taken a tour to any place exquisite then you can surely consider taking some considerable amount of time and start creating a holiday itinerary that you can enjoy throughout the time. A trip to the British capital is going to make you feel enchanted and you are going to love every single bit of it just the way you have always wished for.

There is a multitude of ways by means of which you can consider making the most of your vacation in the British capital. How you perceive your vacation senses will mainly depend upon the way you are planning to explore most of the holiday exquisiteness. If it has been quite some time that you have not paid a visit to some place exquisite then you must consider spending all your time in exploring the best of your vacation moments in London city.

If you are the one who is particular about seeing only a few selected sights and wish to spend your upcoming break in the capital in seeing only the tallest places of interests then you can be assured to get swayed away by the brilliant tallest structures which will give you a perfect overview of the English capital.

The city of London is a sprawling city which is most certainly worth seeing from high up. 

If you are wondering about what are the tallest structures in London where you can look forward to enjoy a fantastic vacation at then you must consider following the below mentioned places of interests.


Sky Garden

The city of London has become a hub of eccentric skyscrapers that have let the visitors to reach up to the highest limits in the sky in the most enthralling manner. One of the tallest skyscrapers in London happens to be the Sky Garden where the visitors can visit levels 35-37 of the Walkie Talkie for free. All you need to do is to book the free ticket in advance and you can be assured to get swayed away by the magical resplendence that the city takes pride in possessing.


The View From The Shard:

It needs no introduction or announcement to declare the fondness that people have grown towards this amazingly impeccable structure in London city. It happens to be the tallest viewing platform in the heart of the city with an indoor and outdoor viewing platform on levels 69 and 72. The Shard is 1,016 ft tall and is positioned between the West End and the Canary Wharf. It offers the best viewing opportunities in the city of London.


The London Eye:

It is 135 meters high and has 32 capsules. Apart from being one of the most popular paid attractions in the United Kingdom, the London Eye offers every person has a fabulous location on the South Bank and the Houses of Parliament.


Up at the O2

It happens to be a desirable iconic structure in North Greenwich. The climb is strenuous but is totally worth visiting. You would love to explore Historic Royal Greenwich, London Olympic Park and the Canary Wharf apart from other travel hotspots in the city of London.


London Cable Car

You must consider availing the cable car which is also famous in the name of the Emirates Air Line which is a public transport. The journey gets more interesting when you get the opportunity to explore the brilliant overview of the international capital in a blissful manner.


St. Paul’s Cathedral Galleries

There are three large art galleries to climb up to in the dome of the exquisite St. Paul’s Cathedral. The first one is the Whispering Gallery which is 30 meters high. The second one is the Stone Gallery that offers some pleasurable views around the dome. It is 376 steps to the Stone Gallery. The third one, Golden Gallery can be reached by 528 steps from the cathedral floor.


Tower Bridge Exhibition

It has two high walkways that are 12 meters above the River Thames. You get the chance to watch the traffic on the bridge and the boats going down under the bridge.


The Monument

It is the tallest isolated attraction in the world. It has a scary height of 202 feet. The visitors can reach 160 ft high where there is a caged platform where they can get a brilliant overview of the city.