London On Foot: Joining a Free Walking Tour

London On Foot: Joining a Free Walking Tour

Having seen this walking tour highlighted in a Time Out London newsletter as a free option in a city where things can get quite expensive, I decided to book this. I was supposed to go last month but it rained hard so I rescheduled for yesterday.

It was well worth the wait.

The tour guide was quite knowledgeable about the art & artists showcased during the tour. He also seems well-versed in the overall history of the East End. He was nice & friendly, and answered questions as best as he could. The tour is also a good walking workout for those of you who want to avoid the gym for a day or two.

If you enjoy art and/or photography and/or history, this one's for you.


Tip 1: Tour is free, but tip

While the tour is free, the tour guide accepts donations in kind. He did a good job in my opinion, so if you enjoy the tour, give him a nice tip/donation in kind at the end of the tour.


Tip 2: Show courtesy to tour guide and cancel

If you don't think that you'll be able to make it, be courteous enough to e-mail Gary ASAP to reschedule, as things get booked quickly and someone on the waiting list can take your spot in the meantime. I did when it rained last month, and he was glad that I had the decency to attempt contact with him instead of not showing up with no explanation.


Tip 3: Dress appropriately

If you go during the fall or winter, carry a jacket or coat with you, as it gets brisk in the evening.


Tip 4: Food choices

While there isn't any food or drink provided during the tour, there are numerous restaurants & cafes & takeaway shops along the way if you need to eat. (If you're enjoying yourself, though, you ought to wait to eat until after the tour.)