London Airport Transfer Tips

London Airport Transfer Tips

London, the capital of England is one of the leading cities of the world. It covers a large area and is the home of four heritage sites of the world. Be it job opportunities or tourism, London is always flooded by crowds of people.

London Airports

One can arrive in London by many ways. It depends on the transportation one can afford. London is well-connected by road and air. This large city has some major airports which are located at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton among others. These airports too are connected among each other.

The Heathrow airport is the busiest airport in London and also the busiest one in Europe. When we compare this airport to those worldwide, this airport happens to be the sixth busiest airport in this world.

Owing to this traffic in Heathrow airport, there is a huge need to get all other airports of London well connected among each other. The National Express offers daily coach services which run between two pairs of airports. One coach runs between the Heathrow airport and the Gatwick airport. The other one runs between Luton airport and Stansted airports. These National Express coaches are the only direct public transports one can avail between these airports.

This creates the problem as the coaches come with another disadvantage. They are pretty expensive. The other options which are cheap are indirect. They go via Central London and take a lot of time. So when you're deciding which mode of transport to take to get between the airports, there are a few factors that you will need to consider.


London Underground and Airport Express

The London Underground is an affordable method of transport. It has the advantage of having reasonably cheap fares. However, there are also many disadvantages. These trains are extremely crowded a lot of the time which makes it difficult to travel with luggage. There are also some stations that will require long walks and many stairs up and down.

In times of urgency, the Heathrow Express train is the fastest option. The Heathrow Express train uses the slogan, ‘London in 15 minutes every 15 minutes’ to attract people. However, this service comes with a very high price. It is one of the most expensive train rides in London and is not at all a good choice for passengers who are not near the London terminus Paddington.

Compared to the Heathrow Express Train, the Heathrow Connect Train is a little bit more budget friendly. The Heathrow Connect Train charges only half of the amount charged by the Heathrow Express Train and runs at a speed which is slower by merely 10 minutes. Hence, the savings are worth considering. The similarity between these two train services is that both of them are located at the Paddington terminus. Another disadvantage of the Heathrow Connect is that it is not as frequent as the Heathrow Express. This creates a lot of difficulty for passengers, especially on Sundays.


London taxi's, cars, buses and shuttles

Apart from train services, there are a lot of other options too. If one is travelling in a group or has a lot of luggage, they can consider taking taxi cabs or private cars. In fact, this is quite reasonable if you're staying in a hotel district on the western side of London like Earls Court. However, these road based transport options are a lot slower than the train based transports in the centre of London and can end up taking quite a while.

There is also the airport bus. But its routes are limited and cannot be taken from everywhere. It is not very easy to get the airport bus if you're not staying in the Victoria hotel district of London or nearby.

Van Style Shuttles are available too but many people are not used to it. This service attracts a lot less passengers. Hence, the companies who tried to provide such a service over the last few years have not lasted for long. Since the other options, especially the train services are a lot of faster and cheaper, there are very few people who actually travel by these shuttles. These people are those who do not know about the other options of transportation which are available.

There are many important factors when choosing which method of transport to use in London. The most important factor to avoid a stressful transfer is to plan according to where your hotel is located.

Since there are limited train routes, selecting a hotel accordingly can avoid the hassle of the travel. Paddington, the Earls Court and the Gloucester Road areas of Kensington are among the best places which provide a wide range of hotels for staying and are economical.

Avoid staying in hotels around Tower of London, Canary Wharf, Southwark and County Hall as they are very far away from the train stations and bus stops. So, staying in a hotel in this area is not a good option at all if one has to transfer from the Heathrow airport to another airport.