A Local Girl's Ultimate Guide for sights & things to do in Montreal

A Local Girl's Ultimate Guide for sights & things to do in Montreal

YOUNG & FUN: A Local Girl's Guide to Montreal (a must-read before visiting!)

If you have yet to visit Montreal, in my opinion the greatest city in the world, it is high time my friend.


This travel guide is aimed toward younger (18-30 year old) tourists, but is definitely useful for visitors of any age. If there is one thing that bugs me, it is touristy sites claiming to know the "cool" places to hang out, eat and party. This is precisely what prompted me to write this travel tip... take it from a girl who has lived in Montreal for 22 years - I know what I'm talking about when it comes to nightlife and the best places to pay a visit to.


I'd hate to think that anyone came to Montreal and was left thinking "meh..not so great."





Mount Royal: What locals refer to as "the mountain" is best enjoyed from may until the weather becomes too chilly. Sundays are best and are when people of all ages congregate on the grass to enjoy sunshine and friends in the biggest park around. Bring a picnic and some beer and a blanket to sit on...alone or with friends it is truly a great hangout in the middle of the city. (Ps. if you are a smoker, weed is known to be prevalent so enjoy.)


Old Port/Vieux Montreal: awesome, awesome, awesome. One of my favourite parts of the city by far...winter or summer. Stroll by the water and stop for a drink at any of the cute bistros. As will be discussed later, some of the best nightlife is in the old port. A must-see.


La Ronde: make the effort! This amusement park is super fun and a nice getaway which is accessible by Metro. Try the Monster... the oldest rollercoaster in well... I'm not sure, but everyone knows its old and really fun. 




Please do not go to the typical tourist traps that websites tell you to. The only people you will meet are other tourists and underage teens who leave at 1am. Have a look at my other travel tip:

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Written and contributed by Shannon in Wonderland