The Local Experience on a Business Trip

The Local Experience on a Business Trip

Every March I'm heading to Berlin and to the biggest travel trade fair worldwide, the ITB.

Each year that means lots of appointments, long nights and shortage of sleep.

How are you able to include a local touch to this week? I'll stay in an apartment!

There are several reasons for that. The most important one is to have that personal touch and homely atmosphere an apartment provides you.

At the moment you come in, you feel it... or not.

Luckily websites like GoWithOh and other apartment rental sites, provides enough info for you, that makes choosing the right apartment easier. Most important are the photos for me. Sure, the actual apartment always looks different when you enter. But still, you get a feeling for what awaits you. Is it a modern and stylish apartment or more the country style one.
But before I concentrate too much on the photos, I'll check if the apartment provides free WiFi. If that's not included, the photos don't interest me much and I'm sure that many other travelers see it the same way nowadays.
Then I need to know where it's located. Is it far outside of the city? Then it might get tougher to get to your appointments and meetings. A good connection to public transport is also good to have.
You choose your apartment a bit, just like you would choose a permanent place to stay, with the difference you do it not so detailed and quicker, hopefully.
When I stay in big cities, I like to have it in a lively neighborhood, where you find plenty of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. Especially the cafes are important for me, as I like to have a good and easy going breakfast. The breakfast is what I really do like about staying in hotels. You get up, get dressed and head to a good choice of breakfast. That's a good start into the day!
An apartment doesn't provide that, but no worries! You pay for your breakfast in your hotel, as it's usually included in your room rate. So that's why I need a cafe around the corner! That's my hotel lounge, when staying in an apartment. Usually you don't need to look for one long and even better when staying in a big city, you have more than one to choose from!
If you are staying longer in the apartment or just want to save a bit of money, head to the supermarket and buy your own breakfast! Choose what you like most or just enjoy the adventure of the local supermarket. See what different products it offers compared to your supermarket at home. That's fun, especially when staying abroad!
On my last apartment stay in Berlin, I've invited other travel bloggers. We had a nice get together, with yummy burgers from Burger de Ville. We were 16 in total and had some good talks and laughs in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. Try to have that in your hotel room, unless you've booked the presidential suite.
The costs seems to be a bit cheaper for an apartment, but remember it's without breakfast. So it should be pretty much the same on the first look. But an apartment stay gets real interesting when you are more than one person staying in it. Usually most apartments have two bedrooms or more. At the moment you share the costs of your stay with one or more persons, an apartment stay gets real good.
Are you traveling by car and you stay in an apartment? Make sure that you can park your car somewhere safe, but also ask about possible costs? I was going to go for my usual parking ticket, which might be cheaper than choosing a parking garage. But in my case, the car was gone when I wanted to drive home, as it was re-positioned by the city. Those extra costs should and could get avoided. ;-)
Thanks GoWithOh for inviting Travel Dudes.
The pictures, words, and opinions are entirely our own!