Livigno: The Next Winter is Coming - Go for 410 Horsepower in Snow

Livigno: The Next Winter is Coming - Go for 410 Horsepower in Snow

Now it's summer, but you do know that the next winter is coming...sooner or later.

And wasn't it great this winter, jumping into the snow, leaving a few first tracks, the sun shining onto you, while overlooking the alps?

What? You have missed that moment? That's why I don't mind thinking off, where I'll head next winter... right now.

I just got back from a very busy business trip and was just looking for a weekend of rest. Then there was the chance of heading into the snow for a weekend and only that weekend was possible, where I wanted to rest. My first thought was not to go for it.

Then I got more info about the trip and it included snowboarding. OK, that's changes quite a bit already. I LOVE snowboarding! Further activities included Fat Biking, some awesome food and... a Maserati test drive!

There is no way to say NO to that. So where is that place, where you can combine snowboarding in the morning with a Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 test drive in the afternoon?

That place is Livigno in Italy!

I was soooo damn lucky, that Maserati was promoting their new four wheel drive limousine, while I was in Livigno. Yes, Maserati is known for their sports cars and now they have a „family baby diaper bomber“... Forget that one! This car is a true 4×4 power machine with 410 horsepower!

Just the kind of car I love when having a small family! :)

I've driven twice through the Outback & once through Tanzania. I love the off-road, but those kind of rides are not really possible when living in Europe. But we do have our lovely winters, with lots of snow and when the first snow falls, that's when I get excited. I wait for the evening hours when the streets are empty and get into my car to slide my way along.

So I love a bit of action and my weekend trip to Livigno was full with it. I landed in Zurich and drove with a rental car through the beautiful Alps. Around 3 hours later I arrived in Livigno and swapped the car for a fat bike. Those bikes have some big tires, which gives you the grip you need to do some downhill biking. It's a lot of fun and I can only recommend to give it a try! You can rent bikes in town and also join a tour.

The next morning it was about time heading up with one of the first lifts to get the day started for some snowboarding. Oh...that landscape... Stunning! Livigno offers a lot of different tracks and they never really get full, as the slopes are quite wide. For lunch you can stop at a kind of food truck, only with the difference that it's a food snowmobile. There you get some good burgers with a view! Yummy!


And finally it was time to ride all the way to the valley and head to the Maserati drive. Livigno got a snow track, which car companies can rent for some „show-off“ time. Sadly, the snow was melting a bit in the valley and the track was closed for „normal“ drivers. Luckily we were there with a rally driver. :)

He took us on a few rounds, which was absolutely stunning! That guy knew how to handle the 410 horsepower which turned the 4 wheels! But just sitting next to it is of course not the same like driving yourself. As the snow track was closed and to difficult to drive without any experience, we were „only“ allowed to get the tires onto the tarmac.

Wow! That huge and heavy family car suddenly exploded into a powerful race car!

I would have never believed how smoothly and direct the car would react to the gas pedal, wheel or brakes. I was driving up the serpentines and only after two curves a slow little van was in front of me. Usually there would have been no chance to overtake it, as every few meters the next curve was waiting. So I first stayed behind it, quite disappointed that I couldn't move the car appropriately. Our rally driver then asked me why I don't overtake it.

Hello... don't ask me twice!

With the confidence of driving with a „travel speed“ of 160/180 km/h on Germany's Autobahnen regularly, I used the 40-50 meters to the next curve and smashed down the gas pedal. Right away the automatic gear box shifted into a lower gear, the engine howled out loud and 2-3 seconds later I flew by and passed the van. A little tap on the break and the car transformed again into a cruising family limousine.


It's for sure the car I would not mind to have for my family... and me! :)


Here a few interesting facts for car fans:

Max. power output: 301 kW (410 HP)
0 to 100 km/h acceleration: 4,9 s
Number of cylinders and layout: V6 60°
Displacement: 2979 cm³
Transmission: Automatic 8 gears
Engine speed at max. power output: 5500 rpm
Peak torque: 550 Nm
Engine speed at peak torque: 1750 - 5000 rpm
Maximum speed: 283 km/h
Fuel consumption (combined cycle): l/100 km 10.6
Fuel consumption (urban cycle):  l/100 km 15.4
Fuel consumption (extra urban cycle):  l/100 km 7.08
CO2 emissions (combined cycle): g/km 246
CO2 emissions (urban cycle): g/km 358
CO2 emissions (extra urban cycle): g/km 181
Turning circle: 11,8 m
Boot capacity: 530 l
Dry weight: 1820 kg
Vehicle weight: 1920 kg


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