Litchfield National Park in Australia, waterfalls and clear pools of water

Litchfield National Park in Australia, waterfalls and clear pools of water

Litchfield National Park is in the Northern Territory (Australia), 69 km south of Darwin.

For visitors, Litchfield National Park's main attractions are permanent spring fed waterfalls (Florence, Tolmer and Wangi); the clear pools of water they cascade into; cascades at Buley Rockhole; magnetic termite mounds; and a wildlife cruise along the majestic Reynolds River.

During the hot dry season the park is a magnet for people looking for a refreshing swim. Crocodiles do not seem to be as much a threat in Litchfield as they are in other Top End parks, such as Kakadu National Park.

Other features of the park include the termite mounds and the "Lost City", an area of bizarre sandstone block and pillar formations which have been sculpted by wind and rain over thousands of years.

The Northern Territory supports a wide diversity of native animals including birds, insects, reptiles, marsupials and mammals. This tropical environment is prolific with barramundi and produces the most exciting sportfishing in Australia.

There is no entry fee for the National Park. Camping fees are charged per person per night.

The National Park has a network of sealed and unsealed roads. The northern end can be visited by 2WD on bitumen roads. To visit the southern end, it is necessary to have a 4WD due to several river crossings and the variable nature of the road conditions. Note that during the wet season (Dec-Mar) access by road may be not be possible as the 4WD tracks are closed due to flooding.

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