The list of 10 most romantic places in Lviv

The list of 10 most romantic places in Lviv

Lviv is considered the most romantic Ukrainian city. Lots of people visit Lviv for romantic strolls, love confession or wedding. Even in rush hour, when the centre of the city is full of people, it is possible to find cozy places where so pleasant to stay together with sweetheart. Romantic in Lviv is diverse so each couple will definitely find the most suitable romantic place.

Balcony for lovers

It is said that this place irradiates love. Due to a legend, once upon a time, a Polish king saw a beautiful girl in this window and at once fell in love with her.

Italian yard

This yard was built in XVI  century  and it is said that visitors may hear the lovers’ whisper here. A Polish king John Sobieski and French lady Maria Kazmira were keeping their love here.

The Stryi Park

The Stryi Park attracts lovers. There is Swan Lake in the centre of the park. It is considered that Love, embodied in white swans, lives here. The park is the best place for intimity. It is one of the most beautiful parks in East-Central Europe.

Bench for lovers

The bench was created by 10 craftsmen in 2008. It is a legend connected with this bench: if a pair of sweethearts hand in hand sits on the bench simultaneously, their love will be long and happy. Lions are holding the bench so love also will be devoted and enduring.

 Ivan Franko Park

The oldest local park in Ukraine is also another romantic place in Lviv. Perhaps, centenarian trees remember many love stories which were taking place under their branches. The most attractive embellishment of the park is old pergola which is situated in the centre of it. Sometimes musicians perform there. 

Lesia Ukrainka Street

Pedestrian street is specially cozy place. In the middle of it there are benches where people drink coffee. In warm season the street looks like a coffeehouse. And in late afternoon sunlight the street becomes more fascinating and enchanting.

Place for kisses

A place near the Chapel of Boim family is so quiet and restful.  Exactly here “Place for kisses” is situated. This corner is one of the most beautiful and romantic places of Lviv.

Square near Opera Theatre

‘Near Opera Theatre” is a traditional place of gathering of friends and of course lovers. In summer it becomes more beautiful due to fountain and open-air coffeehouses. Here you have also a great possibility take a ride on a carriage with horses. 

Hope you will enjoy your romantic stay in this beautiful city. My name is Robert and I ve been 3 types there. As a freelancers from whome students can book report my girlfriend and I travel a lot. In this blog I am going to share my travel experience with you!


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