Life Minus Adventure is Quite Boring

Life Minus Adventure is Quite Boring

If you're like most of us, you get up in the morning for work, you prepare your coffee or tea, and you go off to the daily grind.

Eight to nine hours later, you come home, you relax for a little while, you prepare dinner, perhaps talk a while with your family or mess about online for a while, and then you go to bed. You may even watch the news in there somewhere. And on the weekends, it's down to the pub for some fun. Except, you did that last weekend. And, in fact, the weekend before that, as well.

Are you seeing a pattern?


Are you bored yet?

People these days find it so very hard to actually get out and do something anymore. They lose touch with nature, lose the will to think for themselves, forget what it's like to have fun that's actually fun. When's the last time you actually did something exciting and worthwhile? Don't you wish you could change the routine?


What you need is some adventure. Some real fun.

Something that six months from now you can look back upon and still be happy that you did anything a bit out of the ordinary. Imagine how you will feel when you return to the office and can brag about how you hit a bull’s eye with a bow and arrow? Or that you and a team of other people, all thirsting for excitement, built a raft from raw materials and sailed it down a river?

Better yet, picture this: you walk into the office on Monday morning. You're exhausted, but happy. During the morning meeting, you sit and reminisce about the weekend you just had.

Riding a top an actual Land rover 110 Military Jeep with your fellow troops, planning your strategy to attack the enemy forces. Locked and loaded with a Special Forces Spec laser rifle, you pull into a clearing. Suddenly, the enemy opens fire. Vest alarms are going off left and right of you. It's an ambush! You run into the forest and dive for cover in the underbrush, helped to blend into the background by a military camouflage jacket. You belly crawl your way in a wide circle, coming around behind the enemy positions. And then, you spot one. A lone enemy soldier looking through the woods in the direction you had run – looking for you. You take aim.


And when your coworkers wonder why you're sitting in a meeting with a smile on your face, you can tell them all about it. How you rallied your team and beat the enemy forces, outnumbered, alone, and hiding in the foliage.

Or you can tell them all how you went out to the pub, again, and had a few pints. How you played some darts, and almost, almost hit the 60 point area of the board when you needed to. You can even blame the beer for the miss, if you like. And I'm quite certain they will all believe you, just as I'm certain that they'll want that time you drained from their lives back, and that five minutes later they'll have completely forgotten your story, your weekend, and you.


One thing you should always remember: people need adventure in their lives.

It makes life bearable, it keeps the mundane from killing you and your creativity, and it has the added benefit of actually being worthwhile. Without a little excitement, a little adventure, life is just too boring to take. Spare some time from your busy schedule and get ready to embark on an adventurous ride with Wild Rosanna.


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