Less is More! How to Use Packing Cubes to Travel More Organized

Less is More! How to Use Packing Cubes to Travel More Organized

Are you planning on a long trip or are you an aspiring digital nomad planning to live your life on the road? Frequent travelling can be tough and it might be hard to be organised when constantly on the road. Any kind of help is gratefully received!

But how can you make your life and travel more organised?

One part of your travel that needs organising is your backpack. If you travel a lot then you won’t want to be lugging around big suitcases, but you will still need to take along your necessities of course. Having a packing check list will help but there are always some variables depending on the style of trip you are taking.

Packing light is the answer however sometimes it’s easier said than done. When you are travelling long term, your essentials are a bit more than packing for a short trip. Read on if you want some tips to learn how to pack and travel more organised by using packing cubes.


Choosing the right packing cubes?

Packing cubes are a great little invention that help you to keep your luggage and bags compact and organised. Once you start to use these cubes you won’t ever want to leave them at home. They come in different shapes and sizes and with so many on the market at the moment it might be hard to decide which ones to choose? Do you need waterproof or weatherproof bags? How many packing cubes do you need? Do you need a specific brand to fit with your backpack? Check how many come in the pack and see which ones suit you. With many variations, there are always going to be the best ones out there for your travelling style. Read a few reviews of the best travel packing cubes and read on for how to best use them.


But what exactly are packing cubes?

If you didn’t already know what packing cubes are then here is a little overview. Packing cubes are fabric bags which are usually fastened by zips and come in various shapes and sizes. (Not just cubes). They are usually sold in packs and fit inside each other when they are not being used for handy storage. They can be used to pack and compress clothes, toiletries and keep other items separate in your bag. Once packed they slot together easily in a backpack or suitcase making the most of your space.  They come in various fabrics too, from thin and breathable to strong and waterproof, there are many different designs.


Less is more

When using packing cubes, you can allocate cubes for different items meaning you can restrict the space for certain things. For example, one cube for shirts another for underwear and one for toiletries. How you divide up your things is a personal choice but as long as you choose the correct sized cube for the right items, you can’t go wrong.

This means you won’t be tempted to over pack and include things that you don’t need. Being able to limit your items before you pack your bag makes it so much easier to choose what you really want to bring. Every frequent traveller will always tell you that you need to keep your luggage to an absolute minimum without leaving behind essentials. You can forego that extra pair of shoes and leave behind those heavy jeans. If you plan to do laundry whilst on the road you can afford to pack even less. 

When packing always remember less is more and imagine yourself carrying around your bag on your trip. Think about all those times you’ve When you do this you’ll definitely want to keep it as light as possible, just think about your poor back!


So, what are the real advantages of packing aids?

You can find things more easily

Less rummaging around in your backpack or suitcase to find what you need. Easily locate what you want as you’ll know exactly which cube it is in. You can even get colour coded ones for different members of the family. Meaning as soon as you get to your destination divide up your cubes and the unpacking is done.


Save space in your bag

Keep all of your clothes compressed and contained in packing cubes. They are designed to fit together perfectly so they slot in your bag with ease saving so much space! Once you’ve used them a couple of times you will know exactly how to put them together, which also saves you time. Making the most of all your potential space will help you travel smarter and maybe even leave a little room for souvenirs to take back home.


Keep your clothes clean and dry

Whether it is water resistant or just to keep out the dirt and dust, packing organisers help to keep your clothes and other items from harm. This is the case whilst on the move and in your destination too. They can even act as a travelling wardrobe if you divide your clothes correctly when packing. Just take out the cubes without having to unpack fully. Some packing cubes are washable so you can store your dirty clothes and then wash the cube, ready to store clean ones again.


Make unpacking easier

With everything already in its own place, unpacking when you arrive is a breeze. You might even want to just unpack your cubes and use them as makeshift drawers in your hotel. (That makes packing up when moving on easier too). You might not even want to unpack if you are moving from place to place. These cubes can be pulled in and out of your bag without leaving it in a big mess!


Prevent overpacking

They really help to keep your packing in check and knowing what space you have in your clothes, underwear and toiletry bags.  Knowing what cubes fit into your bag when they are full will help you to organise and prevent forgetting essential items. We have all brought those extra clothes or shoes along with us that have stayed in the bag untouched and added unnecessary weight. Those days are over, bring the perfect amount for your trip – you have learned from past mistakes. 


How do packing organisers stack up?

If you are stuck on how to organise your cubes within your backpack, then here is how I do it. At the bottom of the bag I put the larger cubes. These are usually clothes and laundry bags depending on which leg of your trip you are on. Then I stack the smaller cubes on top leaving the very top cubes being the ones that contain essential items. Having your tickets/passports and other essentials in a   safe place but in easy reach is a must.

Usual packing etiquette does apply though and very heavy items should be near to the bottom and make sure you wrap and pack any breakable items carefully. If I have some very valuable or breakable souvenirs to bring home, I usually wrap them up and pad them into a packing cube and it keeps them super safe.

Packing may not be your favourite part of a trip but as you can see just some little things can help you be a lot more organised. Once you know what you are doing and are a confident packer, it will make every trip so much easier. So whether it’s a backpacking trip around Iceland, or a summer road trip, get organised with travel packing cubes. 


Problems packing cubes can overcome

Poor packing can lead to travel problems such as unnecessary weight in bags, forgetting essential items and losing things at the bottom of your bag amongst other things. You don’t want to be caught short or waste precious time because you haven’t been organised. Using packing cubes can overcome these problems. Life can be pretty cluttered sometimes but if you can get one thing organised then other parts will follow. Then you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying.


Do you use packing cubes?

If you didn’t use these little luggage organisers before reading this post then I bet you will now. Are you running out to get yourself some to use for your next trip? With all these great reasons, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be! Make sure to order your packing cube before your next trip!

What do you use to keep your bags in check and organised? More and more travellers are turning to packing cubes once they realise how much easier they make their travelling lives. Are there any other methods you use to keep your travelling lifestyle organised?  If you have any packing advice I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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