Leba - An Undiscovered Pearl Of The Baltic

Leba - An Undiscovered Pearl Of The Baltic

Leba is an undiscovered pearl of the Baltic.

Located on the Polish coast, it is surrounded by two lakes: Sarbsko and Lebsko, forests and the Baltic Sea. 

The air here is so fresh that people with breathing problems, such as asthma, come here with hope that it can cure them. It is scientifically proven that the iodine, which floats in the Leba's air, can help with such problems

There are around 2000 people living in Leba, but this number triples during the Summer season. Tourists come here not only for the nature, beaches, and fresh air, but also to have really good time.


Here are only a few things you can do in Leba:

1. Shifting dunes and the Slovinsky National Park

The Slovinsky National Park is listed on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. It is located 2 km from the town centre. The Park is a home to species like: wolf, beaver, deer, and also many unique plants and flowers. The dunes are the main attraction of the Park. The highest one is 42 meters above the sea level. From the top you can see both lakes, and the Sea with its white beaches.


2. Former German experimental military ground

Located in the Slovinsky National Park. You will pass it on your way to the dunes. There's no way you can miss it. Here you can admire the military equipment, see the documentary photos, and read a lot about the ground itself. There is an English speaking guide available.


3. Kluki heritage site

Kluki is a small village, on the other side of the Lebsko Lake. The heritage site includes huts of the first Slovincian settlers, along with the exhibits of their life, such as: kitchen utilities, beddings, and farm tools.


4. Horse rides

In Nowecin (2 km from the town centre) you can learn how to ride a horse. If you are more experienced, you can take a ride to the beach, or the forest. There are lessons for the young ones, and for the old ones at all levels of experience.


5. Dinosaur Park

The dinosaurs here not only make sounds, they also move! Most of them are life-size. You can also find out how the first humans lived, and see a very interesting documentary at the 3D cinema.


6. Sea Park in Sarbsk

This again is located a little further from the town. There are free buses, which will take you to there, so no need to worry about the transport. The Park has a couple of different kinds of seals, which you can watch at your leisure. There's also a 4D cinema, and 3D aquarium, which is quite amazing.


7. Beaches, swimming and windsurfing

Let's not forget why people really come to Leba. The white - sandy beaches are just beautiful. The sand is soft like a powder. Take an afternoon stroll, breathing the air deeply. Remeber to see the sunset, which is one of the most amazing ones in that part of Europe. 

Swimming might be a challenge, if you come to Leba outside the Summer season, and even then the water might not be the warmest. You can always go to Nowecin and try windsurfing in the warmer Lake Sarbsko.


How to get here:

Take a flight to Gdansk. From there you can take a train to Lebork, and then change to a bus to Leba. You can also rent a car - which I recommoned doing. 



There are plenty of guest houses and hotels around. Almost everyone here has rooms to rent. In the Summer season it is advisable to book ahead. 

Prices from 25 zlotych per person per night. 



Prices start from around 10 zlotych for a simple meal. You can eat anything from pizzas and kebabs to traditional Polish dishes. The most popular dish in the coast is fish and chips, served with a salad. The fish is usually fresh, straight from the ship, prepared the very same morning. The most popular fish is cod.



Summer is warm, but can be rainy. It's worth to remember that this is not Spain. The nights are very cold.
Spring and Autumn are mild and pleasant.
Winter is absolutely freezing!


When to visit:

For those who like to have fun and meet new people, I would recommend Summer months (late June - end of August). If you are looking for peace and quiet, and also the freshest air, come in Autumn or Spring. Winter is for snow and freeze - lovers. 


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