Learn to play the Angklung Instrument in Bandung, Indonesia

Learn to play the Angklung Instrument in Bandung, Indonesia

If you never knew or heard about this instrument before, Angklung is one of traditional music Instrument from West Java, Indonesia.

There’s a place that really good for you to enjoy the instrumental performance from traditional dances and also “Gamelan” (Javanese Instrument) performed by local children. Yes,they are young children and trained to play the angklung, dance, and so many more.

Enjoy the daily performance at 3.30 pm and you will be amused by the cute acts and innocent children proudly presenting their local cultures. In the end of the show, all of the audience will be taught how to play Angklung and it’s a real interesting experience .

The children and the host can speak in many language and we will sing some songs in several languages. This place has been a kind of West Java’s Culture Conservation and released by the late Mang Udjo by his love to one of the most popular and unique heritage of Indonesia.

The children who played angklung already have a lot of experiences performing in many music or non music festivals.

For travelers with family or having a great interest about traditional music, you should come to this place. Highly recommended for everyone at any age and gender; Very fun and unique.

Don’t forget to buy the souvenirs in the end of the show.

Learn to play Angklung Instrument at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo in Bandung.


Written and contributed by oliviathetracks