Kuta in Bali is no backpacker spot anymore...

Kuta in Bali is no backpacker spot anymore...

Kuta is the largest tourist resort on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

With a long, broad beach on the Indian Ocean, Kuta was originally discovered by tourists as a surfing mecca. It has long been a stop on the classic backpacking route in Asia.

Back in the 80's they used to talk about the three Ks (which were Katmandu in Nepal, Khao San road in Bangkok and Kuta). Today Kuta still attracts large quantities of tourist especially Australians as Bali is on their back doorstep.

Due to the continuous influx of tourists Kuta has developed rapidly and is not shy of a few large rather unsightly concreted infrastructures. It can at times be chaotic and overcrowded with congestion.

However, the 5km long arcing white sand stretch of Kuta is still arguably the best beach front on Bali. The beach is safe, partially clean, well-maintained, although the vendors remain annoying. The long stretch of sand, is full of sunbathers and holiday makers attracting and although most of the serious surfers have moved on to newer pastures, there are still tons of surfer dudes around.

Kuta is far from the fishing village it once was: it is now a Pacific resort and its streets are clogged with traffic, particularly during the peak seasons of July and August. The northern beach resorts of Petitinget (within the greater Seminyak area) and Kerobokan are in many ways more laid back versions of Kuta, less crowded and more suitable for longer stays. Further north still, Canggu and Dalung offer even more tranquility.

Kuta is now the party area of Bali and most clubs are lined up on Jl. Legian. Also it's the base for every backpacker who starts his/her tour around Bali as Kuta is the transportation hub for the whole island.

There are a lot of cheap guest houses (50-200.000RP PPPN) on Poppies 2, but you can find nicer places on the lanes between Poppies 1 and 2. Always see room first & haggle!

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