Komodo Island : The lost dragon world

Komodo Island : The lost dragon world

Komodo Island, located in Nusa Tenggara, east side of Indonesia and close to Bali island.

The island has a surface area of 390 km² and over 2000 inhabitants. This place is really famous recently regarding the new 7 wonders voting .

For everybody who wants to feel like in a little jurassic park world, you really gotta visit this place. Here you can find conserved komodos in the National Park and other animals. You can also feed some tame komodo here.

There is not only the Komodo National Park to see. You can also go diving and snorkeling and see various cute fish at the beach, because almost all of the eastern islands of Indonesia are popular diving destination.

This natural resources is amazing and very unique as we all know only a few of tourism object with animals, and this komodo dragon is a rare animal which all of us should take a contribution to protect and love.

The island is not really big and its accommodated with several types of cottages from small to big and the prices are also not expensive.

Like someone say in new7wonder’s site : “Komodo dragon is the bigest lizard in the world. There are pink beaches and we can swim with 1000 species of fish and see beautiful coral reef. Save Komodo National Park.” (claudiyus - Aug,2008)

Written and contributed by oliviathetracks

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