Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda - An Invaluable Natural Resource

Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda - An Invaluable Natural Resource

When it comes to adventure, Kidepo Valley National Game Park stands out, this invaluable natural resource has been visited and revisited and the extra-ordinary features on it shape its outstanding beauty, which remain a myth to those who have not visited it and a secret to those who have visited it.

Kidepo Valley National park is Uganda’s best safari destination for taking wildlife safaris / game viewing tours. These include carnivores, ungulates, and primates.

There are high chances of viewing tree climbing lions that always sit on sauces trees along Narus valley or on the rock just as you enter the Apoka Park Headquarter. Right from Apoka Rest Camp other animals that can be seen include elephants, leopards, bush duikers, jackals, bush bucks, bush pigs, kavirondo bush babies, buffaloes and much more.

The Park boasts of an extensive avifauna. 465 species have been recorded. Birds of particular interest include the ostrich and the Kori bustard which are principally associated with arid regions. The park also has outstanding numbers of birds of prey. In this category, 58 species of birds that have been recorded. Amongst these 14 are believed to be endemic to Kidepo and the Karamoja region.

Apoka Rest Camp offering accommodation in chalets. Food and drink stocks are basic and often very limited so it's advisable to bring your own. There are also several campsites located near Apoka.

Kidepo Valley National Park is accessible either by road or by air. The most commonly driven route from Kampala is via Gulu and Kitgum, a 600 km journey taking a minimum of 12 hours and a sturdy 4WD to complete.

This national park is 1,442 square kilometers. Kidepo harbors scenery that can not be found in any other parks in east Africa. Those few who make the journey north through the wild frontier region of Karamoja to visit it, would agree that it is among the most magnificent in Africa’s finest wilderness.

The only two rivers in the national park; Narus and Kidepo, are seasonal rivers, which dwindle and disappear in the dry season; the only permanent water in the park is found in wetlands and remnant pools along the southern Narus valley near Apoka, and as a result wildlife is concentrated in this area.

Kidepo’s expansive landscape, largely uninhibited by woodland and forest, are a result of the open tree savannah habitat that dominates the park. Hills have been colonised by the dry mountain forest while some water courses support acacia forests.

The less common ungulates in the park include the greater and lesser Kudu, Chandlers, Mountain Reedbuck, klipspringer and Guenther’s dikdik.

One of the most amazing animals in Kidepo is Bull Bull a huge male Elephant.

All Bull Bull, a 6,000kg elephant in Kidepo Valley National Park, seems to want in life is kwete, a local brew. After he drinks himself ‘silly’ he is a sight to behold as he dances around.

Even when he is drunk, he remains the darling of Apoka. “He is a true gentleman. A star.” That is how the managers at Apoka Lodge describes him.


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