Kazakhstan's Newest Luxury Mall in Almaty: Esentai Mall

Kazakhstan's Newest Luxury Mall in Almaty: Esentai Mall

Dubai was once nothing but when oil was discovered, a world city sprung up in what some people felt was overnight.

The city became a world destination and quickly developed a taste for luxury with large malls, expensive luxury cars, and even activities like an indoor ski resort.

Well just recently, Kazakhstan has acquired this taste of luxury. The opening of the Esentai Mall in Almaty on October 19th was not only a gateway for the people of Kazakhstan to buy luxury items, but a sign to the world that Kazakhstan is world-class destination.

So where did this taste for luxury goods start?

To start, Kazakhstan is a country very rich in oil and companies are gradually moving into get a stake in the oil fields. Also, the Kashagan oil field is to begin up and running in 2013 after delays for opening.

With all this oil in the country, it is making a section of the population in Kazakhstan very rich. The problem though is with all this money, there is no way for the new elite to spend thier money to show their status. That’s where the Esentai Mall comes in. After years of development, planning, and even construction, Esentai Mall opened on Al-Farabi Ave. in Almaty in October.

At the opening, the cost to Capital Partners, the firm who decided to build this mall, was $450 million but part of that cost was because the architects who designed the mall, SOM, designed the Time Warner Building in New York City. Not only is this mall beautiful on the outside, it’s whats inside that counts.

The mall boasts a pretty high profile of shops but it also has some regional stores that are not common around the globe. For example, Colin’s is a denim jeans company based in Turkey has opened a store in the mall. However, Esentai’s luxury stores include:

  • Breitling
  • Burberry
  • Fendi
  • G Star Raw
  • Gucci
  • Lacoste
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Omega
  • Puma
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Stella McCartney
  • Tommy Hillfiger

The crown jewel of the mall is there’s a 32,000 square foot, 3 level Saks Fifth Avenue store that will carry many of the world's biggest luxury brands and fashion. The mall also features big name fast food and upscale restaurants as well. While this is a big deal, its only a small part of the bigger picture.
While the mall is now open, this is a tiny part of the whole project. The mall is actually part of the Esentai complex which is 5 buildings in total. Three building are going to residental spaces, the mall, and the final building is the Esentai Tower that will open in April 2013.

The Esentai Tower will host office space and a JW Marriott, the top of the line luxury brand of the Marriott family of hotels. Plus, Esentai Tower will be the tallest building in Kazakhstan! The $450 million dollars spent on this project has been a great investment for Kazakhstan that will prove something to the world.
For some, many people saw the post-Soviet space as a place that would not be prosperous. For Kazakhstan though, they are proving the world wrong. As our blog posts have shown, their gold medals at the 2012 Olympics, progressive policies, growth in energy, and now the Esentai Mall is showing that Kazakhstan is on a great path to success and people who have built this path can now flaunt their success with luxury goods.

Not only that, it shows the growth of a building middle class and the expansion of a high class. The Esentai complex will be the sparkling diamond of the steppes that will gleam across all corners of the globe.

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