Kas, "Turkish Delight"

Kas, "Turkish Delight"

Ka? (pronounced Caash) is a "Turkish Delight" city in the very South (Mediterranean) of Turkey. It also only has a very tiny beach, less than 10 metres wide. However it does have wonderful rock shelves for sea bathing. These are populated by cafes and restaurant who provide free loungers. In return you are expected (but not obliged) to buy drinks etc from them.

The town has many decent hotels and restaurants and is a centre for activity holidays.

Ka? is a small town, and you can walk anywhere within 10 minutes. Scooters are available for rent around town (30-35 YTL per day, depending on season), if you just can't be bothered.

Minibuses run around the peninsula known in turkish as Yarim Ada, which is a few kilometers away and where most hotels have their own terrace "beaches" open to the public (as long as beverages or food are consumed from their beach bars). Taxis to the peninsula can be costly, at least US$10 each way.

Things to see:

- Ancient theather and acropolis in Kas (Antiphellos: Habessos)

- Phellos ancient city

- Kekova Sound

- Aperlai ruins

- Appolonia

- Saklikent gorge

- Patara ruins & beach

- Kaputas beach & Blue Cave

- Limanagzi(Sebeda-Bayindir) beach

- Big Pebble Beach

- Hidirellez Sinkhole

- Factoria Bay

- Cape Ulburun

- Cukurbag Village

- Saribelen Village

- Kyenai ruins

- Pinara

- Xanthos

- Letoon

- Hoyran village and ruins

- Gedife Cliffs

Other things to do:

Within reasonable driving distance are locations for scuba diving, hiking, truck safaris, snorkeling, canyoning, gorge walking, coasteering, sea kayaking, cycling, walking and paragliding, as well as wonderful beaches. Local tour companies are happy to arrange any of these activities.

The nearby "sunken city" of Kekova is a great daytrip that usually includes a stop in the lovely village of Simena. Bougainville Travel also offers sea kayaking at Kekova (60 YTL/person, including transfer from Kas).

Dragoman Travel offers a longer version - their Kekova West sea kayaking trip allows you to explore more silent parts of Kekova Sound and islands, and combines paddling, hiking to Aperlai, and kayak sailing (75 YTL/person).

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