Justin Case: A Portable Charging Case Product Review

Justin Case: A Portable Charging Case Product Review

Staying connected while traveling is a must.

Not only is the Internet needed to book future travel, find accommodations or research activities, smart phones, laptops and tablets help keep an open connection between friends and family while on the road.

But nothing is more irritating then when a device runs out of power and there is no charging station or power outlet in sight. Panic sets in, the connection to the outside world is lost and travel plans sometimes come to a hault

A new rechargeable power case, Justin Case designed by Innovative Technology Electronics Inc. solves this problem. The Justin Case has a built-in rechargeable 11,600 mAh battery housed in a lightweight, synthetic leather case designed to fit the iPad 2 and newer models.

The Justin Case not only charges iPads, it charges iPhones, Samsung smartphones, Kindle devices and Blackberry smartphones through the case's universal USB port. Charging is made easy by simply plugging in that specific devices' charging cord to the case's USB port and powering on the case's internal battery. Depending on the make and model of each chargeable device, on average, the Justin Case will recharge an iPad one to two times and smartphones up to seven times.

The Justin Case is equipped with a USB cable and USB wall adaptor for charging its internal battery. It also comes with a limited warranty—90 days labor and one year parts. While the case it very durable, it is not meant to get wet or come near any other corrosive materials. It is also recommended, for it to work to its maximum potential, to recharge the Justin Case's internal battery every two months, especially when it's not in use. When not using, the ultra-slim case latches in the front to keep iPads covered and intact while traveling. The case also provides full accessibility to the iPad's buttons, ports and camera. It also has a built-in stand to prop-up the iPad for easy viewing and typing.


Both a stylish and innovative design, the Justin Case makes recharging electronics easy, comfortable and dependable. It is an essential product for anyone who is looking to stay connected while on the go. Search no further for a charging station in the airport or an outlet in a restaurant, the Justin Case provides users a way to always stay charged


Product review shared by Ashley Curtin


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