Just like Marco Polo: Zeinoddin Caravanseri

Just like Marco Polo: Zeinoddin Caravanseri

From the road it doesn't look like much. The awe starts after walking through the "eye of the needle" on the massive wooden door. (Although if you're on your camel you might find it easier to open the larger door!)

Situated in the desert somewhere between Yazd and Kerman this restored caravanseri is exactly as it was 400 years ago when it hosted travelers on the silk route and is an experience anyone going to Iran must not miss.

The bathrooms are communal and sparkling clean, the sleeping is on mattresses laid on top of persian rugs with only a curtain for privacy.

The top of the caravanseri has sweeping views of the mountains and desert and if you look hard you'll see peep holes to the rooms below!

If you are a woman pick your room carefully.
As a woman traveling in full hijab it was a place to hike out into the desert, strip off the layers and finally feel free!

Written and contributed by Tracy and Ed


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