Just for Ladies: Traveling on the Pill

Just for Ladies: Traveling on the Pill

Since most birth control pills can’t be skipped a day and have a 1 to 2 hour window to be taken before its effectiveness is compromised, my first recommendation when traveling is to always have it on your purse and not in the suitcase.

This way if the flight is long, you can take it on the plane or if your luggage falls behind or gets lost, you won’t have something extra to worry about.

For traveling to a different time zone, I asked my doctor what was the best way to rearrange the schedule for taking it, and she told me to move it one hour every day until I reach the time of my destination time zone.



I live in Colombia (UTC/GMT -5 hours) and take my pill every night at 9 pm, if traveling to London (UTC/GMT +1 hour), which is 6 hours ahead, I would have to take the pill at 8 pm the first night, at 7 pm the next night, and so on.  This way when I arrive at London, I can take my pill at 9 pm London time.

Or… if this is just too complicated or you are just traveling for a few days, you can always set your alarm clock to go on when it’s time for your pill at your local time.

Just DON’T forget, you don’t want any extra souvenirs from your trip!