Jungle Spa and Market - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Jungle Spa and Market - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

The Jungle Spa and the Jungle Market should not be missed when you visit Puerto Morelos, Mexico


Organized by a local non-profit organization, the spa and market are located approximately 5km from Puerto Morelos on Calle Dos in La Zona Urbana, behind the colonia where the local people live.


The Jungle Spa and the Jungle Market are indeed in the jungle – massage beds are set up in traditional palapas throughout the property, amongst towering trees and tropical flowers. Although visitors are sometimes taken aback by the rustic-ness of the Jungle Spa (this isn’t your typical spa in a 5-star resort!), having a massage as you hear birds singing and leaves rustling in the wind is what makes the experience so unique and unforgettable.


The local Mayan women give visitors a traditional Mayan abdominal massage. This is a technique that has been passed down to them through generations, and which focuses on releasing emotional and physical congestion in the internal organs to bring the body back into balance and harmony.


At the Jungle Market on Sundays, the same women who give massages at the Jungle Spa sell traditional Mayan handicrafts they have made themselves, including jewelry, huipiles (long white cotton dresses embroidered at the bodice), shawls, and embroidered napkins and tablecloths.


They also sell homemade traditional Mayan food to visitors, snacks like tamales, panuchos (a tortilla with hard-boiled egg and beans), and codzitos (small fried tacos). At a certain point, the women leave their wares to perform traditional Mayan dances for visitors. 


It’s a great way to meet the local people and feel connected with the community.


For directions or for more information, contact Sandra at (998) 208-9148.



Written and contributed by katbrimacombe