juna mahal in dungapur

juna mahal in dungapur

we recently visited rajasthan, india.
we were dazzled by many beautiful and exotic sights and visited a lot of amazing forts, palaces and temples.
my absolute favourite was the juna mahal, which is the small 700 year old palace in dungapur.

this palace is like a tiny perfect jewel box, full of beautiful bright paintings, amazing inlaid mirror work, a "naughty cupboard" full of kama sutra miniatures, a wall of inlaid willow pattern plates and all sorts of delightful and charming tile/mirror/glass/mural/fresco work.

you climb up several stories through steep narrow marble staircases...and at every level, you step out into new gorgeous rooms.
it really was an amazing place and you are allowed to get right up close to the artwork and examine it.
it is off the beaten track a little and doesn't seem to be swarming with tourists, which is also very nice.

the current maharawal of dungapur lives at the udai bilas palace hotel in dungapur and there are beautiful rooms available for guests there.
the udai bilas is situated beside the small lake and it is very pleasant to sit outside in the evenings whilst having drinks, beside a roaring log fire, looking down the lake at the lights of dungapur and across the lake to the beautifully-lit temple built in the middle of the lake.
from there, you can go in and sit at a wonderfully inlaid 30 ft marble table with an under-lit pool down the length of it, and try the fabulous rajasthani cuisine.

of all the marvellous places i visited in rajasthan, this one has the fondest memories for me and i am very keen to visit again.

more of my dungapur (mostly of the juna mahal) photos can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pattiflynn/sets/72157616417838334/

for german speakers....we met a very nice man in dungapur....his name is klaus imig and he has written a very learned book in german, all about the history and architecture of the juna mahal.


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