July and August in Jerusalem

July and August in Jerusalem

Jerusalem in the summer is a lively city filled with countless enjoyable events for people of many interests. From varying forms of music, drink, and food, this city with its unique culture offers something for everyone.


Check out some of the summer's best festivals coming to Jerusalem in the upcoming months:

Jerusalem International Film Festival

When: July 9-19, 2015
Where: Jerusalem Cinematheque, 11 Hebron Road and other Jerusalem venues

Since 1983, this 10-day International Film Festival has been hosted by Jerusalem every summer. For 10 days, the top Israeli and global cinema is featured and there are prestigious competitions, premieres of the most important Israeli films of the year, tributes to well-known film figures and numerous live musical performances. The festival offers professional panels and workshops, which attract the elite of the local film industy and the newest talents.

Sultan’s Pool, a valley rich in history just outside the Old City walls and adjacent to the renowned Jerusalem Cinematheque, is the traditional opening location of the festival. Most screenings take place at the Cinematheque with some scattered at other venues throughout the city. The festival’s primary goal is to present its audience with an understanding of current trends in world cinema.


The International Klezmer Festival

When: July 29 – August 4, 2015
Where: Locations throughout the city. See details by each event as they are posted.
Entrance fee: TBA 

Starting July 29, 2015, dozens of klezmer musicians from around the world will gather to celeberate the second International Klezmer Festival in Jerusalem.

Following last year's success when 3 major musicians – Giora Feidman, Yehoram Gaon and Shlomi Shaban – performed in Mikan Umisham, literally “from here, and from there,” the performance will take place on the steps of the Gates of Chulda, where the Levites sang in times of the Temple in Jerusalem. The goal is to connect old fashioned, classical Jewish music with modern, current, contemporary Israeli music.

Throughout the week, klezmer musicians, including Chanan Barsela, Raul Taarona from New York, Emil Eibner from Moldova and Caroline Hartig from Ohio, US, put on extraordinary performances at different locations throughout the city of Jerusalem.

By mixing the traditional klezmer music with the latest, trendy Israeli-style music, the Klezmer Festival attempts to synthesize the galutit, diaspora, concept of classical klezmer music with the more modern Israeli style.


Jerusalem Wine Festival

When: August 17-20, 2015
Where: The Art Garden at the Israel Museum, 11 Ruppin Blvd.
Entrance fee: 85 ILS (last year’s price)
Order tickets: www.imj.org.il, 02-625-9703 
Space is limited.

A tradition that began over a decade ago, the annual Wine Festival at the Israel Museum is one of the most popular summer events in Jerusalem. As a celebration of Israeli wineries, last year’s festival offered tastings of hundreds of wines from around 60 wineries, some entirely new.

Accompanying the many wine stands are food stands with sushi, fish & chips, pastries, chocolate, cheeses and wine.

The festival is held in the beautiful Art Garden of the Israel Museum with live music every evening, making it a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a summer evening in Jerusalem.


Jerusalem Beer Festival

When: August 26-27, 2015
Where: Independence Park
Regular price: 40 ILS (price in 2014). Discounts for soldiers and students.

You can purchase tickets via the festival website or at the venue itself. 

The Jerusalem Beer Festival offers more than 150 types of international and local beers for sale, foods stands and great live music. For beer lovers or for anyone who enjoys an outdoor party atmosphere, it promises to be a great night out in Jerusalem, the city that offers much cooler nights than most other places in Israel during the hot summer months.

The festival, which started in 2004, took place last year at the beautiful Independence Park, featuring street performers as well as a music line-up that included some of Israel’s most popular bands - Monica Sex, The Giraffot and Mercedes Band.

The festival runs for two consecutive nights.


Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival

When: August 30- September 4, 2015
Where: The Tower of David Museum, the YMCA, Liberty Bell Park Ampitheater, and the Jerusalem Music Center.

Once a year from all corners of the world, a pilgrimage of peace, tolerance and brotherhood is made by musicians of a myriad of religions. For four days, Jerusalem is filled with performances that will make you stop and ponder, have you dancing wildly, enlighten you and make your heart soar.

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival is a harmonious call to all the nations and faiths of the world to come together in equality and to rejoice in themselves. This festival embraces a variety of sacred music through song, discourse, and deliberation, bringing participants to an environment that is a blend of the senses.

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2015, now in its fourth year, will aim for new heights by presenting an expansive program that will provide festival-goers with opportunities to delve into musical styles and never-before-heard combinations.  

Taking place in locations such as churches, synagogues, and thousand-year-old caves, the venues are almost as conducive to spirituality as the music itself.

In a city of diversity and spirituality that has heard countless prayers and hymns, the Sacred Music Festival succeeds in producing an ode to harmony and faith in the human spirit.