A Journey on the Iconic Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway

A Journey on the Iconic Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian Railway

This exciting journey delivers three of the world's largest countries. Sit and enjoy the dramatic changes of scenery while you travel through Russia, Mongolia and China.

Incredible experience, strongly recommended if you want to be immersed in 3 very different cultures, if you are a landscape lover, and you like to know people!

More than 8.000 km: manage your time and decide the stopovers of your trip in advance. It's not possible to buy a pass and get off the train wherever you want. The Russian railroad does not offer any flexible tickets with stopovers.


Buying the Train Tickets

Russia tickets can only be arranged 45 days before departing date; Mongolian and China tickets can be arranged 60 days in advance.

The passport is required, but sometimes just given a copy o the passport number is enough. However you must be aware that documents are checked when boarding the train and there ill be trouble if your documents do not match what is written on the ticket.

You can buy tickets at the railway stations and in special ticket offices.

Here some internet ticket offices:



Arranging your VISAS

Don't be afrad about arranging your Visas; read carefully all the documents you need in the official web; do it yourself, you will save a lot of money. Everything is easier than it seems.


Our Recommended Stopovers

Ekaterinburg: The best stopover to explore the Urals. The Ural Mountains are the natural dividing line betwen Europe and Asia.

Irkutsk: The capital of the Eastern Siberi. You must stop here if you want to see Baikal Lake while being immersed in Siberian culture.

Baikal Lake: An awesome and fresh water lake with the greatest volume in the world, it has 31.722 km2. The average depth of the lake is 744,4m and the maximum depth 1.642m. Its water is very clear. In winter some cm of the lake surface freezee and it's possible to drive on the lake, to cross it.

Ulan-Bataar: Stop here and explore Mongolia. Trekking, visit to Gobi desert... In Mongolia you will find a big offer of trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, hourse riding and tours.

Beijing: The capital of China, one of th earliest centers of human civilization. This is the end of the journey or perhaps, just the beginning!

Visit the Great Wall from Beijing or just walk around this enourmous and amazing city with more than 20 million people.

For us it was a city of contrasts: You can find majestic imperial buildings avenues, sharing the same sidewalk with old alleys full of life and shanties. It's fun to get lost in these alleys. The houses lie mostly behind gray brick walls and are unified into neighborhoods by public toilets and entranceways that people share.