Journey to God's Own Country: Kerala

Journey to God's Own Country: Kerala

With summer at its peak, wouldn't you like to derive summer solace in a land and a place far away from where you stay?

To dwell in that place and experience all the natural riches that it has in store for you and simply relax and be yourself.

Well, fret not! Simply head down to Kerala, India and you are in for an experience that is going to stay with you for an entire lifetime.


Kerala: God's Own Country

There is a reason which is apt enough for Kerala being called God's Own Country. Beaches, Mountains, Backwaters and the list seems to simply go on and on. You name it and Kerala delivers it to you in style. Whatever images come into your mind, when you think of an artistic landscape, I am quite sue you are going to witness all of that. By now I am sure you might have got an idea of how dramatically beautiful Kerala is.

While there are simply ''x'' number of places which can make your stay in Kerala worthwhile.


Here are a few places which surely cannot be missed in Kerala:

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

Do not feel lazy when you are in Munnar and simply drive for another 38 kms and you will find yourself amidst the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate which is home to one of the highest tea plantations in the world. The tea that is made here has a special fragrance and taste to it due to its high altitude which takes the experience of drinking tea to a whole new level. If you are a tea person then you should surely visit their tea factory which has its own attraction and significance. You can also go on to extract tea leaves from the vast varieties of plants that are laid out. And if you think that only tea is a specialty of this place then you are surely mistaken as you can simply stroll down the plantations which will turn out to be an adventurous thrill in its own peculiar way.


Wonderla Amusement Park

Who doesn't love being in water all the time ? Well most of us have a different love story when it comes to staying in water and being in Wonderla just sets the tone right. People from all age groups can come here and simply open their heart out by enjoying all the awesome rides and chill themselves in a water themed park and if you are really afraid of rides and if you have a phobia for it, then no need to worry as you can simply move your feet to the loud music and take yourself to all the small eateries present there and simply hog onto some good food. But if you have really made an effort to come all the way down to Wonderla then it is advisable not to shy away from having fun.


Kashi Art Gallery

Various kind of exhibitions are held in this gallery and there are paintings that shows the revival of the pioneer of Fort Kochi. Local artists get a platform to showcase their talents and their artwork. It has also become one of the coolest spots in Kochin for the youngsters to hangout. In the previous years the art gallery has held some contemporary art exhibitions. A large number of tourists and youngsters also come to Kashi Art Cafe not to sip their strong coffee or indulge themselves in the special breakfast lunch served there. Of course the food is one of the highlights of this cafe but the ambience is truly wonderful too. Head down to this place and you are simply in for a treat right from good food to paintings.


Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali Centre which is in Kochi aims to strengthen the classical culture of Kerala and even popularize the cultural art form that is being practiced since quite a long time now. They also look forward to discovering fresh talents and make them the masters in Kathakali through hard work, dedication and perseverance. Visit this enchanting place and i am sure you are going to find something different and experience some unusual wonders of this place.