Jim Corbett National Park: A Hair-Rousing and Memorable Adventure Vacation

Jim Corbett National Park: A Hair-Rousing and Memorable Adventure Vacation

In the last few decades a drastic change in the holiday trend among the travelers has been commonly noticed.

These days, most of the travelers look for wildlife and adventure options during their holidays instead of simply going for any hill station tour.

If you are also planning a mesmerizing wildlife tour to refresh your boring life and adding some fun element in it, then visiting the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is what all you need. Located in the district of Nainital, it is a perfect place for wildlife lovers. It is the paramount emblem of utter wilderness and bewitching exquisiteness of nature.

Other than enjoying the absorbing wilderness, one can also the exhilarating adventure activities as well.

Some of the hair-rousing adventure activities that you can enjoy in Corbett, to make your vacation memorable are mentioned below.


Wildlife Safari

Wildlife safari is the best way to explore the bewitching woods of Corbett. For tracking the big cats, wildlife safari is the most convenient method. The timings of wildlife safari are almost same as the other national parks of the country. There are many types of safaris available in Corbett, such as Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, Elephant Safari, Horse Safari and Bird Safari.


River Rafting

Beating the extreme rapids is a matchless adventure. River rafting in Corbett takes the adventurer to the spellbinding Himalayan vistas. This sport can be undertaken by the adventurer of all age groups. The Kosi River flowing on the border of Corbett, offer a peerless opportunity for river rafting adventure.


Fishing and Angling

The areas around Jim Corbett offer immense opportunity for Mahseer Fishing. Although, fishing is not permitted inside the circumference of park, one can enjoy this adventure recreation in the nearby areas of it. The glinting rivers Ramganga and Kosi are the empyrean for all who are the freaks of angling and fishing.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing refers to climb the rock with the help of a rope fixed to the body. It invigorates the adventure aficionado like anything. The splendid Himalayan topography near Corbett entices the adventure lovers to come here and enjoy the thrill of elating activity called rock climbing.


River Crossing

River crossing is an enlivening adventure activity in which the adventure buff crosses the river through the rope tied to the body. This rope is fixed from one end to the other of the river. There is an extra parallel rope attached, which the adventurer holds to get the support (or hold) and movement. The Kosi River is the epicenter of river crossing activity.



Parasailing is an adventure activity extremely popular in Jim Corbett National Park. In this, the adventurer is hitched to a canopy that looks like a parachute. This canopy is known as the parasail. This parasail is knocked in the air and travels through the jungle area. This adventure activity is speedy for of commutation in the national park.


For enjoying these adventure activities in a comfortable way, one would need to get a relaxing atmosphere as well. There are many comfy accommodation options available in Jim Corbett. The list of luxurious accommodation options in Corbett includes Corbett Leela Vilas (www), The Corbett Retreat, Jim's Jungle Retreat (www), Dhikala Forest Lodge (www), Corbett Hideaway (www), The Wild Crest Resort (www), Infinity Resort (www), Solluna Resort (www) and many more.

To set oneself away from the mundane daily life of metropolis, Corbett is a great destination. For the upcoming season, it is smart to plan a trip in Corbett to take a different and engrossing vacation experience.

Something really amazing, something worth memorable!