Jerusalem Marathon: Experiencing Jerusalem with Every Step

Jerusalem Marathon: Experiencing Jerusalem with Every Step

Travelers visit new cities, regions and countries for many reasons.

Some come for the food.
Some for the entertainment.
Some come for the history.

Today, a growing number of marathon runners are taking their passion for running and combining it with a need to explore and experiene new marathon courses. 

Since 2011, Jerusalem is also part of this growing traveling experience. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a marathon runner himself has said: “Jerusalem is on the international marathon map. This impressive event is not only a sporting spectacle but offers a boost for Jerusalem as an unique tourist attraction for runners. About 1,600 runners from all corners of the world came, especially so that they could have the experience of running through Jerusalem’s historical sites.”

Why are marathoners from around the world running to Jerusalem?

For an entire week, Jerusalem is transformed into a premier sporting destination, drawing thousands of international runners seeking a challenging and breathtaking course. 
Even marathon legend, Bart Yasso, has ran the Jerusalem Marathon and said: “I loved the Jerusalem Marathon, it was a tough course but a beautiful tour of this great city.“
Set against the landscape of Jerusalem's iconic views and streets rich with thousands of years of history,  the Jerusalem Marathon is truly one of the most unique marathons in the world.
International runners will remain inspired by the breathtaking views while experiencing the city with every step they take. 
The challenging course offers visitors an excellent scenic and historical tour of the city. From the starting line that faces the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, past the walls of the Old City, the Sultan’s Pool, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the Mount of Olives, Ammunition Hill, Armon Hanatziv and back to the finish line at Sacher Park.
So whether you're looking to run the entire marathon or just using this as an excuse to visit Jerusalem, the weekend brings invigorates the city and infuses it with a vibrant drive to succeed.

Still not convinced? Here’s the official 2015 Jerusalem marathon video. Watch it and sign up for this amazing run!


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