Jerry's Jungle Tours, Phu Quoc

Jerry's Jungle Tours, Phu Quoc

We were very lucky to have come across Jerry's Jungle Tours during our recent trip to Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

We decided to opt for a motorbike tour rather than a private car even though my wife and I had our kids with us, aged 9 and 12. I had the 12 year old on the back and my wife took the 9 year old. We told Jerry we wanted to go to off the beaten track to places that are hard to find. We were not disappointed!

Towards the Northeast of the island, through the jungle, we were treated to a pristine, deserted beach with crystal clear water and white sand. We stopped for lunch at a quiet resort and ate lunch in a beautiful low tree-house type area overlooking the ocean with views of the Cambodia coastline only a few miles away. The full day tour was very inexpensive and gave us the opportunity to see places on the island that we would never have discovered by ourselves!

Jerry is attentive and has a positive attitude. He's a Kiwi so speaks English but also has a near perfect command of Vietnamese. His passion for Phu Quoc is infective and he's keen to share that love. He knows the island like the back of his hand so can show you whatever you want to see.

We had such a great time on the motorbike tour we decided to go with him again the following day for a boat and snorkeling trip from the southernmost-point of Phu Quoc, to and past the main An Thoi Islands. Most other tourist boats only go to the main Islands but we continued onwards to smaller deserted ones, the like you only see in magazines and on TV. There were a couple of other families that joined us on the converted fishing boat that made its way through floating fishing villages to our own empty islands. There's plenty of fishing by hand, swimming, jumping off the boat roof and more importantly snorkeling. With Jerry as a guide we were able to see impressive fish around the coral reefs. On a side swim he took my son and they were able to see large open clams that my son still talks about that to this day. A tasty traditional lunch is cooked and served aboard and there's beer for sale.

Jerry offers people all sorts of personal jungle and beach tours plus trekking and overnight camping. I would highly recommend him if you truly want to explore and learn about Phu Quoc.