Jakar, Bhutan - also known as "little Switzerland"

Jakar, Bhutan - also known as "little Switzerland"

Jakar (altitude 2,800 m) is the principal administrative town of Bumthang district in the north of Bhutan.

Spacious and surrounded by tree covered mountains, the valley in which Jakar is located (Choekor Valley) is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all Bhutan, and it is commonly referred to as "Little Switzerland". The Jakar area is known as a bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, especially the Nyingma tradition, and there are many monasteries and sacred sites located here.

The cluster of villages below the dzong, which are collectively known as Jakar Town, have a population of around 5,000. The main bazaar is currently a row of single storey buildings. However, due to the danger of the nearby river, this will soon be replaced by a new row of two storey shops currently under construction near the dzong.

Strong winds make Jakar a very cold place in the winter, with temperatures often dropping as low as -6°C. The best time to visit the area is from late May until the end of September.

As the tourist and pilgrimage sites are scattered throughout the area, a vehicle is essential to get around. Taxis can be hired from the main bazaar.

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