Italy's Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna

Italy's Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna

Italy's Motor Valley is a dream come true for anyone who loves Italian cars.

In the region of Emilia Romagna you can enjoy visits to car factories, museums, showrooms, and even private collections. Obviously if you're interested in motorcycles too, there is a lot more to see - vintage collections and of course, Ducati. 

But here are some of the automotive highlights in Motor Valley, for a complete list of places to visit you should check out the website



Lamborghini Museum & Factory, San't Agata Bolognese

The Lamborghini museum and factory is a must-do to any fan of these spectacular supercars. In the museum, that might be better described as a beautiful showroom or as I called it in one of my blog posts, "an art gallery for the car lover", you can find production models like Miura, Diablo, Murcielago and similar, as well as concept cars and some one of a kind special models. For the price of 40€ you get a guided tour both in the museum and factory and that will probably be one of your best spent 40€ ever. A car manufacturer assembly line - especially if you get to see something as special as the making of an Aventador - can't be described, you have to see it for yourself.

Lamborghini is open Monday to Friday (exc. holidays)



Ferrari Museum, Maranello

Unless you own a Ferrari, or perhaps know the right people, you can't get a full factory tour at Ferrari. But the museum is surely worth a visit anyway, because the collection there is nice. Not only F1 cars and prototypes, but also some of the most stunning production models in the Ferrari history - the F40, Enzo, Dino and of course more recent names like 458 Italia. A private guide is available for 150€ and I can highly recommend one - for a small group it is not a huge investment when shared. A petrolhead always loves a good chat with another petrolhead, obviously, and the guides there are very passionate about their work. A bus tour is available to the factory and Fiorano race track, however you will stay in the bus during the tour and photos are also not allowed, so consider it more like an appetizer to prepare you for the day when you can drive in there with your own Ferrari, and take the full tour!

Official Ferrari Museum is open every day (exc. Christmas Day)



Pagani, San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena)

Also Pagani welcomes visitors to see their cars in their showroom as well as the production area in their headquarters located close to Modena. Guided 45 minute tours in English, Italian or Spanish are available every weekday at 11 am or 3 pm. Price is 24€ / pp or for a group over 15 persons 20€ each. To book you have to send an e-mail to their address and wait for their confirmation. You do not want to miss this if you are in the area - I mean Pagani is after all Pagani, super exclusive.

Pagani is open Monday to Friday



Maserati, Modena

The Maserati spA headquarter is located in Modena and their showroom with the latest lineup of their cars is open to the public. A tour inside the factory is unfortunately only available for Maserati owners.



Museo Panini - Maserati Cars Collection, Cittanova (Modena)

One of the finest collections dedicated to Maserati, this collection of cars can be seen in the town of Cittanova just outside Modena. The list of cars there is a dream come true for any Maserati fan - Maserati A6G/54, Maserati Tipo A6GCS Berlinetta Pinin Farina, Maserati Simun, Merak Turbo and many more.

Can be visited by appointment only, information how to book a guided tour can be found on the website



Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, Dosso (Ferrara)

An absolutely stunning museum to visit and you will have the nephew of Ferruccio Lamborghini, Fabio Lamborghini, as your guide. This is not an ordinary museum visit, and this is not an ordinary guide either. To hear about the Lamborghini history and the cars there from a member of the family is a priceless experience. Gorgeous cars - many of them one of a kind and the highlight is by far the red gorgeous Miura that was Ferruccio Lamborghinis personal car. There is even a helicopter, a golf car once owned by the pope, and of course the tractors. You might not go there only for what's on display in the museum, you probably go there also because you want to see who the man behind the name Fabio Lamborghini is - and you won't be disappointed, he is so incredibly friendly. A true Italian gentleman.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum is opened exclusively on request
To arrange your private visit call +39 051 86 26 28 or email



Casa Enzo Ferrari, Modena

Opened in 2012, Casa Enzo Ferrari is a fresh and modern museum in the heart of Modena. The old building that Enzo Ferrari and his family lived in has been renovated and what is inside it will give you a glimpse of the Ferrari history. Next to it a new spectacular construction has risen, holding a historically important collection of cars - from Ferrari to Alfa Romeo to Maserati to De Tomaso and you might even get to see the first car Enzo Ferrari fully designed and built himself, Auto Avio Costruzioni 815. In the small movie cinema a documentary about Enzo Ferrari and the Ferrari history is rolling, and you find yourself unwilling to leave the room before it has finished. An inspiring place to visit!

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari is open every day (exc. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)


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