Introducing Valencia, Spain

Introducing Valencia, Spain

Spain's third largest city. What I liked most about Valencia is the balance between old and new.


It's not often that you'd find a World Heritage Site - Llotja de la Seda - and a well known, futuristic museum complex - the City of Arts and Sciences - in the same place.


A walk around the older part of Valencia (or Old town) will take you the cobbletone streets and dimly lit alley ways, the kind that you'd expect and look for when visiting a European city. Multiple side walk cafe's and fountain squares, surrounded by medieval buildings provide the romantic setting for a late night dinner and stroll.


Besides the city’s architectural wonders, there’s the beautiful coast line. Valencia offers a few unique and interesting ways to enjoy the beach and what the coast line has to offer...


Here are my three favourites -


First is the beach…long, lazy beach days. Sunny with clear blue skies. Valencia is in a very good geographical position. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which is not only more bearable than other parts of Spain, but pleasant too. White sandy beaches that stretch for miles. It is not too crowded, even with deck chairs and food stalls within a short stroll.


The second way in which to enjoy the coast line, is heading to one of the hotels, restaurants or bars located on the beach and next to the Valencia F1 Grand Prix circuit! Sipping a cocktail, whilst overlooking the sea and hearing the F1 cars racing in the background is a quite an experience. The track is next to the beach, close to the Port, which makes the area around it buzzing with people and excitement and you can't help but get sucked in by the glamorous F1 atmosphere.


Lastly, you can enjoy what the coast offers in a very different way by heading to L'Oceanografic, the biggest marine park in Europe. You’ll be able to experience the marine areas that reflect not only the Mediterranean habitats but also the polar oceans - the Arctic and the Antarctic, the islands, the tropical seas etc. After all that, you can extend your coastal experience with a meal at the Submarino restaurant, located below ground and in the same park. Fish Paella and chilled white wine, whilst surrounded by a giant fish tank. You have to give it a try!


Days are long and sunny and a siesta might come in handy to take in all that Valencia has to offer.

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Written and contributed for Traveldudes by @axpet