Interesting Places to See Around Jaipur

Interesting Places to See Around Jaipur

Rajasthan is one of the most colourful and vibrant states of India.

With a rich history and cultural heritage, it is always bustling with tourists, both from India as well as abroad. With treasures of splendid architecture, heavenly garments and exotic food, Rajasthan is truly a delight for one and all. 

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is thus one of most prominent cities in the state. The city houses enough tourist destinations including forts and markets. It also has a wide variety of luxurious hotels that are capable of treating their customers with a beautiful royal touch. However, there are places around Jaipur which are throbbing with life too, if one is looking to get away from the hustle bustle of the city but still wants to enjoy the flavour of Rajasthan. Let’s know a little more about them today. 


Places to Visit Around Jaipur


One of the most amazing places near Jaipur is Tonk, also referred to as the ‘Lucknow of Rajasthan’. It is at a distance of approximately 90 kilometres away from Jaipur. A major attraction of Tonk is the ‘Sunehri Kothi’ or the Mansion of Gold. The main hall is an exquisite sight laced with intricate enamel mirror work, gilt and painted glass illuminated through stained glass windows. This hall was built mainly for the recreation purposes of the Nawab of Tonk- Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan. Tonk is bubbling with other historical attractions as well such as the Jaldevi Mandir which is around 250 years old and the Rajamahal that lies along the banks of Banas River. 



If you move on to Sariska that lies at distance of 120 kilometres from Jaipur, you can visit a popular wildlife sanctuary. The place is known as the ‘abode of Royal Bengal Tigers’ and is a heaven for people who love animals and adventure. One can go on jeep safaris and spot tigers, hyenas, rare birds and all kinds of wild animals. The best time to visit though is between October and June because that is when one is most likely to spot a tiger.  


Bhangarh Fort

Another lovely tourist destination at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve is best known for a rather notorious but thrilling reason- the Bhangarh fort which is considered to be one of the most haunted places of India. In fact, the terror of this fort is such that tourists are not allowed to enter the premises after sunset and there is a board put up by the Archaeological Survey of India stating the same. 



Alwar is a place about 45 km from Sariska and you can keep it on your itinerary. A tourist attraction here is the Bharthari Temple which is dedicated to the King of Ujjain who later turned into a saint. While in Alwar, it is almost impossible to miss out on the ‘Kalakand’ which is essentially a milk cake and is a famous dessert. 


Jaipur is a well connected city from all sides. The most convenient way however to get to Jaipur from Delhi is to make arrangements for a Delhi to Jaipur car hire service from a reputable travel and tours agency. Explore the sights of Jaipur and if you feel you’ve soaked it all in, then set out towards the above mentioned neighbouring areas for the best of local flavour of Rajasthan.