The Inquisitor's Palace, Vittoriosa, Malta: Scary?

The Inquisitor's Palace, Vittoriosa, Malta: Scary?

The Inquisitor's Palace isn't as scary as it sounds - at least, not these days.

Originally belonging to the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, it was given to a newly-arrived inquisitor from Italy who wanted to make sure the Maltese people were upholding the Catholic faith and not engaged in any scandalous activities (such as witchcraft, bigamy or heresy).

Even today, Malta is a very religious country, dotted with religious iconography and elaborate churches, and the palace adds another dimension to this.

Inside you'll find a really comprehensive museum, which is good value for money (adult entry is just €6) and is packed with historic documents and relics. There's a video screening area to give you a good briefing on life at the time, or you can skip the video and just wander through the rooms of the palace. Everything is explained in English, so don't worry about trying to translate from Maltese!


One of the most distinctive areas is below ground - the prison cells.

These cramped rooms were used to house prisoners awaiting trials. Graffiti carved onto the walls is a reminder of the people who were once left here to consider their future.

Vittoriosa itself is an interesting city with a gorgeous harbour where you can while away hours watching the boats, but this museum is well worth a visit if you can tear yourself away from the harbourside.

It's only a short walk and you'll find the palace just off one of the main squares.