Innovative Cuisine at 4 European Restaurants

Innovative Cuisine at 4 European Restaurants

The continent of Europe is undoubtedly one of the most desired travel destinations for people from all around the world.

This is because it has a certain charm about it which can easily intrigue anyone and attract them to visit this place at least once in their lifetimes. But not only this, Europe also caters to a huge variety of cuisine for the food lover and assures great quality as well.


So here we have hand-picked four of the best restaurants, which will make the money spent on a trip in Europe absolutely worth it.

1. Ox, Northern Ireland

This restaurant is famous and due to it, Northern Ireland is now on the foodie map. The chef of this restaurant uses dishes made from the country’s agricultural produce, which are simple but at the same time a work of pure expertise. A unique facility of this restaurant is that one can have dinner here and attend a theater but can have the dessert later on after returning from the show. The restaurant also has a wine bar next door which has options from Lebanon, Corsica and Campania.


2. Gymkhana, UK

The impact of India can be witnessed right across the UK. In the capital city London, the Gymkhana is an extremely popular restaurant which is a favorite not only among Indians but the British as well. It was opened in 2013 and shook up the food industry of the city since then. It serves authentic and high-end dishes which have the exact flavor of Indian cuisine. The Londoners simply can’t get enough of this place. The kid goat methi keema is the specialty of this Indian-themed restaurant.


3. The Jane, Belgium

The Jane is much more than just a restaurant. On entering this Belgian restaurant, one might forget the hunger and food one was craving for. As it is set up in a former cathedral, it has a majestic feel due to its grandeur. The head chefs work in an open kitchen which is situated where the altar once stood. They create boldly flavored dishes which are inspired by cuisines from all around the world.


4. Funky Gourmet, Greece

This pleasing restaurant is located in the Greek city of Athens. It is a dining place on the first floor of a neo classical building. The ambience it offers is very comforting and relaxing. The forte of this place is that they give the traditional Greek dishes an innovative twist without losing the essence of the cuisine.


Author’s Note: 

The author of this article is Mangalika who is a food lover herself and believes in trying new cuisines all the time. She feels that along with food, even the aura of the place where one dines is important.