Infos about typical drinks and nightlife of Arequipa, Peru

Infos about typical drinks and nightlife of Arequipa, Peru

The typical drink is Pisco. Arequipa is the craddle for the Acholado type, a Pisco comming from a mixt of several grapes. Locals drink it pure, in little sips. Chilcano is another way to drink it, Pisco with white soda. And of course, Pisco Sour, a must for any visitor.

The local booze is Anis Najar. Chicha and Pisco Sour is also drunk.

The local beer is Arequipeña, -on its way to be replaced by Cuzqueña after a merger,

The local soft drink is Kola Escocesa, not as sweet as Inca Kola

There is also a popular mineral water called Socosani. Energina is a yellow soft drink produced with this water. Some other soft drinks area available from the same factory.

Most bars and clubs for tourists are on Calle San Fransisco, uphill from the main square. Many have happy hour specials until 10 PM.

There is an area of the city called Calle Dolores, with discotheques, kareoke bars, and salsa ball rooms usually attended by locals but safe enough for travelers. The taxi is needed to get there.

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