The Iguacu Falls, Argentinian Side – The Second “Wow” Effect

The Iguacu Falls, Argentinian Side – The Second “Wow” Effect

Before you get the second “Wow” effect, get your first “Wow” on the Brazilian side of the Iguacu Falls.

Then after that you should definitely also see the Iguacu Falls on the Argentinian side! Get up early, as there is enough to see. Prepare yourself to walk around 8 kilometres. It's worth it!

There are many waterfalls to see and I would recommend to increase your excitement, fall by fall!

When entering the park, head first to the Southern end. That's where you get a first glance of the falls, which you have seen the day before also when you started your walk on the Brazilian side.

From there on explore your way forward!


The first fall you can enter on two ways and it's worth to see both!

One way will bring you beneath the fall, from where you can see with how much power the water drops. You'll be standing on a bridge and the water hits the ground right in front of you and will flow away beneath you.

The second way will get you on the top and right to the point where the water drops. That's also where you can take some nice shots off your friends, who could position themselves on the bridge below. ;-)

When you keep on walking, you'll get to two Sister Falls. You are able to see them from the bottom and later also from the top. They are 'just' around 8 meters high, but they are a kind of romantic, as they are surrounded by jungle and have a small natural pool at the bottom.


The next falls are less romantic, but therefore they are more powerful. You can also see these from the top, but it's really a must to get to the bottom! Every step is worth it. There is this around 30 meter wide fall and it brings and let drop massive amounts of water!

You have the chance to get really close via a pathway, and you should be prepared to get wet! Really wet! But if you walk all the way through to the end, there is less spray and you should even be able to get your camera out, to take some pictures.

If there is not too much water coming down the falls, you are able to transfer to an island per boat, also from the bottom. There I've heard you get one of the nicest views of the Iguacu Falls. We couldn't do this, because of the amounts of water, as it would have been to dangerous to cross to the island. Next time!

So not having seen that view point, you will get to another one, where you probably get the (second) best view of the falls. It was at least my favorite.

You'll be standing on the level where the falls drop and the view from there will show you a line up of dozens of falls! They are all lined up and bedded in jungle. It's a really amazing panorama view. You hear the water falling down with thunder right next to you and your eyes see a line up of waterfalls, all the way to the horizont.

If you were up early, it should be around lunch time by now. Head back to one of the restaurants at the entrance or halfway. There are different choices. You could choose to go to the proper restaurant, which got a really nice buffet, but also the snack bars do their job.


Take a good rest, as afterwards you'll see and experience...

The Devil's Throat!

Take the train there, as the walk is not really nice. It's just a dirt road next to the tracks.

Now there is a pathway, which was built over the river and it's about a 10 minute walk to get to the Devil's Throat. Before reaching there, you should stop for a second and just hold still and listen. You won't hear much, but that will change!

The first you will see will be a platform, some spray and people. The closer you get, the stronger the current gets and the more you will see of the hole. And then you are there... standing right next to the throat of the devil and you see...


OK... You see massive amounts of water, which drop from three sides into the nowhere. There is so much water and so much spray, that you won't be able to see the bottom! There you can see, feel and experience the power of nature and water.

Hold still and enjoy this moment! It's nature in its purest way.

It's the biggest “Wow” effect of the day, but for sure not the only one.



Travel tip shared by Melvin for Traveldudes


Thanks to Loumar Turismo for inviting Traveldudes and making this trip possible.


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