An idea for an itinerary of a 4 day trip to Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

An idea for an itinerary of a 4 day trip to Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Day 1

Leave for the area around Khao Sok National Park head quarters in the morning from Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak or Surat Thani. Visit the Elephant camp or do some nature exploring by canoe down the Sok River. In the evening, enjoy the sounds from the rainforest.


Day 2

Visit the cave temple, where you can see a dead monk in a Sarg of glas. There are also many bats in the cave. Go hiking in the National Park by yourself or by hiring a local guide. The trails inside the National Park are well marked there are several waterfalls on the way. From January to February it's possible to find the Worlds biggest flower the Rafflesia blossom.


Day 3

Continue to Chiew Lan Lake about 70 km away and depart from the Rajjabrapa pier. On the way to the raft houses you will pass spectacular rock formations and make perhaps a detour for Gulin of Khao Sok - a scenic place on the lake. Check in on simple bamboo rafthouse. Paddle a canoe to explore the lake and look for wildlife. You could also climb one of the hills to get a fantastic view of the National Park and its lake.


Day 4

Value of the stay in the wilderness, get up with the sun. Take a canoe or arrange with the boat driver to go for a safari to scan the banks. Morning is the time of day where the animals is most active and if a branch in the canopy flick from one side to the other, then it should be a group of monkeys searching for the first meal of the day. After that you could explore a cave. There is one, where you start after trekking through the jungle. Then you'll enter the dark cave. At some points you will even have to swim a bit. Then you will exit the cave on the other site. It's fantastic! Back at the raft houses, take a swim in the lake and head back to the pier by longtail boat.


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