Hunting Safari: A Guide to the Birds of South Africa

Hunting Safari: A Guide to the Birds of South Africa

Wing shooting in South Africa has increased in popularity, making the country a primary destination for wing shooters. Leading this thriving wing shooting industry, South Africa has over 20 species of birds available. What's more, the country's nine provinces offer numerous outfitters that are dedicated to offering wing shooting hunts for international sportsmen.

South African outfitters offer both waterfowl hunting and upland hunting.

Here's a guide to the birds you can hunt in South Africa.

Francolin and Spur Fowl

Upland fowls, Francolin and Spur fowl offer some of the highest quality shooting experience. When surrounded by majestic mountains and stunning scenery, hunting in these areas can make for great memories.



Amongst the various waterfowl game birds, the Spurwing Goose, Egyptian Goose and Mallard are some of the shooting mainstays. Hunting waterfowl in South Africa is restricted to early morning and late afternoon. In addition, wing shooting season for waterfowl usually starts in June and continues to late September.


Guinea Fowl

Known as the "other big bird", these birds can be found all across South Africa. The bushes of Eastern Cape are amongst the best provinces for wing shooting of the guinea fowl. Here you'll find flocks of Guinea Fowl of over 200 birds.


Doves and Pigeons

There's a high volume of doves and pigeons in South Africa. For this reason, doves and pigeons can be hunted all year round. South Africa has three different types of doves and pigeon species, which include:

  • Rock pigeon;
  • Red-eyed pigeon;
  • Cape turtle dove.


South Africa is one of the primary destinations for game bird hunting. It has a variety of game species and locations that can be found in each of its provinces where hunting safaris are offered all year round.  Use the guideline listed above as guidance to plan your next safari trip to South Africa.


Travel tip shared by Anthea Adams