Hungary: The Hegyestu Geological Exhibition Site

Hungary: The Hegyestu Geological Exhibition Site

Let's say you've been to Budapest. You've visited the Balaton Lake. Maybe you've even been to the Tokaj wine region. But did you know you can actually climb a dead volcano in Hungary?

Nature is a wonderful architect. Lars and I have been traveling for 6 years now, and although we have already seen a lot of fantastic landscapes, sometimes we still stumble upon something that simply takes our breath away.

The Hegyestu Geological Exhibition Site is such a breattaking location.


How to Find the National Park

Program your GPS device for Monszlo and follow the road signs to Hegyestu. The entrance fee is about € 2 - 3. The site is closed between mid-November and mid-March. The best time to visit is in spring or autumn, so that you can avoid the heat and the tourists.

What you get to see are the remains of a basalt volcano, that was active 5 - 6 million years ago. You can actually hike on granite rocks of more than 300 meters high! There is a path that you can follow all the way to the top. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes though, since some of the steps are in a terrible condition.

Although we both suffer from vertigo, Lars and I managed to reach the top.

The views are spectacular... you can see a big part of the nearby Balaton Lake.

It's definitely worth a visit.


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