How to Work the System to Get the Cheapest Flights Possible

How to Work the System to Get the Cheapest Flights Possible

Picture caption: Stick your tongue out at high flight prices.

Everyone wants a cheap backpacking experience, and getting a cheap flight is obviously an important part of doing this.

I think most people are aware of the discount flight websites like whichbudget, Skyscanner, kayak etc etc, but what most people don't know is that this should only be a starting point for you.

Back when I was shopping around for flights to Egypt from Australia, I spent hours searching on these discount websites and the cheapest I could find were for AU$2200 return. When I would go to travel agents they would be even more expensive.

And this is where the beauty of introducing competition into the market comes in.

I printed out the cheapest quote from the web and I took it to a travel agent, told them I had a cheap flight from the web and without telling them how cheap it was, I asked them what their best price would be.

This way, when they know they have competition, they are more likely to give you a lower price than when you first approach them.

If their quote is higher than the website I would show them the website quote and ask them to beat it. They would then do so, and print me out a new quote. I would then take that quote to the next travel agent next door and ask them to beat that new one.

I would do this for 3 or 4 travel agents until I was sure they couldn't go any cheaper.

I would make sure flight centre was the last one on my list because they have a price beat guarantee and you don't want to use that until you already have the lowest price.

I ended up reducing it from AU$2200 to AU$1700 return.

That was a while ago - these days flights are much cheaper and you should be able to use this method to get flights even cheaper!

What is your tip to get cheaper flights? Would love to read about it... just leave a comment beneath!