How Volunteering Helps Eliminate Stress While Traveling Abroad

How Volunteering Helps Eliminate Stress While Traveling Abroad

I assume that many of you might be wondering right now, how one can be stressed while traveling, when traveling itself is a great key to destress.

There are times when, and ways in which, people do get stressed even while traveling. This could be for a number of reasons such as, unfamiliar conditions getting on our nerves, fear of losing an essential belonging, conundrums of what to eat, and many more similar issues.

Being a traveler myself, there have been situations where I found myself stuck and there was a sudden strike of panic. Also, in an unknown land where people don’t understand your language, it becomes a little more difficult to explain your problem. You can’t call back home to cry your heart out, and therefore you learn to overcome the stress all by yourself.

But does that mean you shouldn’t travel abroad alone? I guess not!

I realized that things become much easier when you take a volunteering trip abroad, and somehow, the entire journey becomes more meaningful when you engage yourself in some good work. I traveled to Thailand to volunteer for a teaching project where I spent most of my times with little monks, and that was my best trip till date.


Let’s take a look at how exactly volunteering can help eliminate stress while traveling abroad:

Hard Work Keeps You Fit, Keeping Stress at Bay

A regular work out is not only good for a healthy and fit body, but also for a healthy mind. The ‘feel good’ factor you get after sweating out for hours in the gym or after your running session in the park is something that keeps all kinds of mental blocks away.

While taking vacations abroad, you tend to skip your routine workout for the number of days you travel. This is where a volunteer trip comes in really handy.

It doesn’t let you go into the lethargic mode that often takes over while traveling.


You're Involved in More Creative Work

And it’s not just all hard work that you are required to do during your trip. There are several unique volunteer opportunities that need a significant level of mind work as well.

Hard work and mental exercise go hand in hand to make any volunteer program a success. Eventually, it helps you sharpen your skills and learn more about your abilities and limitations; something that helps you immensely in your future career prospects.


All the Smiles Won’t Leave Any Space for Stress

Do you know the main objective of working under a volunteer program? Yes! Making a difference. You focus on adding happiness to a few more lives with your contribution, helping make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

You may not even realize the number of faces you end up bringing smiles to while contributing to a volunteer project.

Playing and spending time with orphans at a childcare center, or teaching English to street kids - the number of smiling faces around you will certainly leave no space for stress to fit in.


No Need to Stress on Planning an Itinerary

It is highly recommended that you volunteer through a registered and professional volunteer placement agency. They understand each and every need of a volunteer. All the necessary arrangements are done by the team of professionals, all the way from living arrangements to orientation, local guidance, weekend excursions, and things to do locally.

All you have to do is pack your bag and leave (of course do not forget to bring the necessary travel documents along).


A Travel Expedition That is Well Within Your Estimated Budget 

One thing that has the potential to revise an entire itinerary, or worst, even cancel it altogether, is money. We often tend to create our trip plans and design itineraries around the budget that we have. And in the process, have to cut short on some of the plans for the trip.


Behold the Concept of Volunteering Abroad

One of the major reasons volunteering is a highly favored way to travel abroad by the millennials is its cost effectiveness. A nominal fee that you pay to register for a program covers some of the major travel expenses; such as accommodation, meals, local guide, etc.   


A Great Mix of Volunteer Work and Travel Adventure

You must have heard of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”! A volunteer trip abroad makes sure you don’t turn into a dull Jack. Working for the program throughout the week, volunteers get the weekends entirely to themselves. Take adventure trips, local market visits, weekend getaways, and more.

Some volunteer organizations design the entire weekend excursions for the volunteers.  Even during the weekdays, the evenings are all free for the volunteers to walk around the city neighborhoods and explore the lifestyle.

Looking for a stress-free travel experience? Why not try a volunteer trip this time and see the difference for yourself.