How to Volunteer with the Sharks

How to Volunteer with the Sharks

Volunteering your time and effort can sometimes contribute in a significant way. Upon stumbling across some daunting information about the depleting number of sharks in our oceans, I went about and asked some questions about what I can do to help.

You don’t necessarily need to know a whole lot about marine biology to understand that simply applying some effort towards helping these endangered species, you can somehow make a positive difference in the grand scheme of things.

So we’ve entered the New Year and already attempts to achieving our resolutions are in full swing but check your list once again and see if volunteer work is listed. It is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and help the environment.

Our oceans are affected by our actions on a daily basis. Pollution, overfishing, oil leaks and drilling are but some of the things we do that dangerously affect the health of marine life.

Some shark species even face a harsh reality of being completely wiped out due to a large increase in the demand for their fins and flesh. Here are some ways you can help.


How to Volunteer with the Sharks

Sponsor a shark

If time is not what you can offer, consider sponsoring a shark through donations to a shark conservation team of your choice. The money you donate will support the study of sharks and further assist in safely rescuing and protecting these animals from harm in the wild. You can buy a tag and name a shark. Some organisations even allow sponsors to join the expedition to tracking tagged sharks. Tagged sharks are studied and closely monitored for their protection.


Volunteer your time and effort

Many companies offer volunteer programmes which are open to the public. Not only will you be helping the team through their research but you will also gain knowledge and experience as a marine research assistant while interacting with sharks through cage diving. You can even participate in discovering more about great white shark populations and other marine species.


Take a free online course on Shark conservation

Knowledge is power. Take the time to learn more about wildlife by taking a free online course. You can learn about illegal wildlife trading and endangered wildlife. There is a growing online community who engage and interact on a daily basis about conservation solutions. Become environmentally aware!


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