How To Travel with a Fulltime Job!

How To Travel with a Fulltime Job!

Is it possible to travel with a full time job? YES!

Is it easy to take time off with a full time job? YES!

Will i be able to afford traveling from my salary? YES!


Now to begin with, I have a full time job in retail and I travel. And I travel extensively for pleasure. When I am not traveling, I think, breathe and dream about traveling to different countries.

I believe you don’t have to be rich or have a well paid job to fulfil the dream of traveling. Neither you have to be a backpacker and save pennies to tick mark places off your bucket list. If you are working in a middle management with a decent job, you can start exploring our beautiful planet.

I write this post for all the inspired travelers who like me are eager to get on the road less traveled.


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1. Advance planning is a must

For all of us who have full time jobs, planing is the key. Advance planning helps to create an efficient itinerary, apply for leaves and get more out of your dollars. I usually make a list of all the long weekends at the beginning of the year.


2. Keep a bucket list ready

Make a list of places you would like to visit over a period of time. Out of which some places can be easily visited in near future and the rest would be a sort of wishful thinking. Whatever it is, do have a bucket list. Creating a bucket list streamlines my thoughts.


3. International or domestic travel

Again a bucket list should include places within the country of residence, neighbouring countries and places in far away continents. As and when the holidays and budget permit, you can pick a destination based on the number of days available for traveling.


4. Shortlist destinations for a quick travel

Make a list of places which can be covered in 3-4 days as well. It is very easy to travel to a city destination using a long weekend.


5. Optimize long weekend or holidays

Long weekends are god sent and i use all of them for traveling nationally or internationally. Even for a longer vacation in a far away places, optimizing a long weekend or a festival holiday helps to reduce the consumption of official leaves.


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