How to Travel on a Cruise on a Budget

How to Travel on a Cruise on a Budget

Cruising is one of the most attractive modes of travel. It allows you to spend a few days on sea while enjoying a large range of luxuries at your disposal.

Most cruise operators also let you take part in various activities like swimming, play outdoor activities, amongst others.

However, a cruise trip isn’t a cheap affair by any means. It is a considerable investment and if you are on a budget, things might get a little difficult for you. Which is why, you should keep these tips in mind before setting off on a cruise.


Practical Tips for Saving on Cruises

Take a Flight from Your Place to the Cruise Port

Most cruise operators will offer you a pick up service where in you will be picked up from your house and dropped off at the port. Now, this may sound like a very lucrative and comfortable option but it will burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, to save some money, what you can do is look for cheap domestic airfares and take a flight to the port. This way, you will have more control on your budget.


Curtail On-Board Expenses

A cruise will have everything you can ever imagine, right from spas and salons to high end restaurants. You may feel tempted to give into a few of these luxuries but remember to keep a check on your expenditure. The best way to avoid the temptation is to have budget for any one or two of these amenities so that you don’t end up feeling deprived. Pick and choose wisely and once you are done, you can enjoy these services but also stay within your financial limit.


Port Shopping Can Get Expensive

A lot of the times, cruise operators will recommend shops for you, which may turn out to be more expensive than you like. Which is why, you have to use your own judgement while shopping. Explore the place a bit and see what others have to offer. If you like something, try looking for the same thing in a few different shops to have an idea about the actual price. This way, you will be able to get good value for your money.


Cut Down Your Alcohol and Snack Expenses

Remember that alcohol and snacks will be expensive on board. Sometimes, they may be priced at a ridiculously higher rate than normal. You have to buy your drinks cautiously and not go on a drinking spree, unless you have the money for it. Snacks can get expensive too. The solution is to carry some munchies with you so that you don’t have to buy them on board.


Keep these tips in mind when you are sailing off.