How to Travel Around Cork, Ireland

How to Travel Around Cork, Ireland

There are many places to tour during the festive season with your friends or family.

Ireland is one of the leading tourist destinations in the globe. The country boasts of green landscapes that will make you fall in love with the place repeatedly. Whether you want to tour alone or alongside your friends or family, Ireland has everything you have been looking for elsewhere.

Cork is among the most visited areas in Ireland. Your trip in Cork will make you keep going back whenever you have free time by your side. Traveling around Cork is not something to worry about.

There are different means of transport in Cork. You do not need to dig deeper into your pocket in order to travel from one corner of Cork to another. Here is an overview of the different means of transport to consider while in Ireland’s Cork City.


Ways to Get Around Cork

Car Rental in Cork

Driving around Cork in Ireland requires some amount of skills. You have to understand the laws of the country before you start driving in different parts of Cork not to be fined or arrested. Car rental in Cork, Ireland, has made traveling a breeze.

The car rental services have not only made it easy, but also affordable for tourists to access different attractions without going through much struggle over the same. There are many companies offering car rental services in Cork. Selecting the best can, however, be one of the most daunting tasks for novices. It is wise to conduct proper research in order to hire a car that will meet your traveling needs in the end. Here are tips on how to hire the best car rental in Cork during the festive season.

  • Personal Approach. One of the aspects you cannot afford to ignore when hiring car rental services is the personal approach of the company. A good company is one with a customer care representative who deals with challenges likely to be experienced by clients while booking their services. The firm has to offer car rental services that will suit your purpose. In addition, the team should be ready to answer different questions asked when hiring rental services. The customer support team has to ensure you are not only satisfied, but also get the value of your money at the end of the day.
  • Variety. A good car rental services has variety of cars and deals. Check out the fleet of cars owned by the company before making your final decision. There are clients who want specific requirements to be met when it comes to rental cars. This can only be achieved if the car rental company has endless options in terms of types.
  • Insurance. A proper car rental is one that is insured. Insurance gives travelers a peace of mind. Taking insurance implies that you will always be protected and you won't be charged again.
  • Rates. It is not mandatory to dig deeper into your pocket in order to get a car rental. You need to compare services offered by different companies near you so that you can choose wisely. While looking for affordable car rental service ensure that you do not compromise with the quality of services offered.


Train in Cork

Train is another popular transport choice in Cork. However, relying entirely on train transport in this part of the world is not recommended. Trains serve most of the areas, but you cannot access all of them. You can only reach major train stations if you opt for this means of transport.


Buses in Cork

There are buses that ply along different routes in Cork, Ireland. Traveling by public buses can be fun. However, you will have to break down your journey in order to reach your final destinations. In addition, you have to understand the geography of different parts to reach your desired destination without going through much struggle over the same. It is also advisable to check the fares to different destinations before leaving for your trip across Cork.


Bikes in Cork

Bikes are not very common in Cork. However, they can be used to access certain areas where vehicles cannot reach. There are firms in Cork that provide bikes for hire. You can take advantage of the bikes for hire to make your tour more fun. If you decide to hire a bike then make sure that you have taken into account all the necessary safety measures.


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