How to Travel and Go to School at the Same Time

How to Travel and Go to School at the Same Time

One of the great trends of the early 21st century has been the revival of nomadic lifestyles among people who, empowered by modern technology, choose to travel the world rather than settle down in one place.

While being a modern nomad can be extremely fulfilling and enriching, it can present challenges to work and education.

Luckily, there are several ways around these challenges, especially where education is concerned.


Here are Four of the Top Ways to Travel and Go to School at the Same Time:

Take a Fully Online Degree Program

The simplest way to travel while you go to school is to take advantage of modern online education. Many degree programs, particularly business, technology and accounting programs, can be taken entirely in a digital format these days. As long as you have access to the internet wherever you go, you should be able to keep up with such classes very easily. Fully online degree programs also let you structure your own learning schedule, making it easy to access classes whenever your busy travel itinerary will allow. To get a feel for the flexibility of such institutions, you should check out their YouTube channels. As with Independence University, you can get a feel for it via the actual video content and in the comment sections.


Experience Education Around the World

If you don't feel that an online degree program meets your educational goals, you can also travel while attending different global universities for different educational years. This path to combining education and travel is more difficult, since it involves applying to different institutions in different countries and transferring your credits as needed, but it can be an incredible way to spend your college years. Try finding colleges or universities in countries that offer programs in your native language, since this will make the process easier for you. Some students choose to spend two years at one college before transferring to a different one in another country, while others transfer each year to get a broader travel experience. Since this method lets you live in a country for a protracted period of time, it also gives you the chance to fully experience local life.


Go to School in Europe

If you don't want to deal with the complexity of transferring from school to school several times, you can choose to attend a single university in Europe. Europe is geographically smaller than other continents, but extremely diverse. It also offers an excellent rail transit system and open borders that make it easy to travel from one country to the next on a tight timetable. If you attended school in Germany, for example, you could use a long weekend to visit Italy or France. A longer break, such as your summer break, would give you time to see many different countries and experience different cultures. If you want to attend a traditional university for four years but still want to travel extensively, going to school in Europe is a great solution.


Take a Hybrid Program

Though most people are familiar with online college degrees, very few are aware of the fact that there are also hybrid programs. These programs allow much of their coursework to be completed online, but still offer physical instruction at scheduled times on a real campus. Hybrid programs give you the advantages of attending a physical campus, but also allow plenty of time during which you can travel in between live classes. Though less-known than their fully physical or fully online alternatives, hybrid courses are an exciting opportunity for college students who want to travel.


If you want to travel while still attending college, you can use any one of these four methods to make it happen. Be sure that, even when you're traveling, you make your classes a top priority.

Though travel is a wonderful experience, especially for a young person, it should add to, rather than detract from, your educational accomplishments.