How to Tourism in Rwanda has Contributed to the Development of the country?

How to Tourism in Rwanda has Contributed to the Development of the country?

Appreciation of someone or some people’s efforts in what they do matter so much in humanity. As far as Rwanda’s is concerned, the Rwandan Develop0ment Board has tremendously contributed to the growth and Development of tourism in the country, and its endeavors are worth appreciating. This body is a large government Organization in charge of several government Agencies that include Environment management/conservation, Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Wildlife Conservation, Human Resource Capacity, Business Registration, Investment Promotion, privatization, and Tourism Information Management among others.

When it comes to nature and conservation, the main responsibility or contribution of the Rwanda Development Board is to conserve, manage and enhance the integrity of ecosystems in order to promote tourism sustainability in addition to environmental sustainability in the country. This involves ensuring the protection of the Protected Areas such as the Akagera, Volcanoes, Nyungwe National Parks as well as the newly created Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Rivers, Sanctuary Lakes, Forest reserves and swamps are not left out in the list of tourist sites managed by RDB.

This Organization is responsible for supervising the Protected Areas and other tourism resources in addition to developing the overall tourism industry which in the end benefits and boosts the private companies. This also results to the protection and improvement in the well-being of the people of Rwanda.

RDB is also in charge of launching, marketing and promoting the tourism face of the country and has played a significant role in developing tourism of the Land of a thousand Hills. This country was greatly affected by the 1994 genocide that created deep wounds in the heart of the people and affected the image of the country but today, Rwanda is the best gorilla trekking safari destination. It is even not surprising that some tourists think mountain gorillas are only found in Rwanda. Reason being, proper marketing by RDB. Not only that, all new tourism sites like the Caves are launched by the Rwanda Development Board.

This body is also responsible for selling gorilla trekking permits or overseeing the transactions in place of the Rwandan government as well as planning for the revenue from gorilla permits so as to promote the country’s tourism, community projects, infrastructural development, conservation and emp0loyment among others. The Rwanda Development Board also sells all the permits, collects the entrance fees (for vehicles and tourists) for all the National Parks in Rwanda. These include the chimpanzee tracking permits, gorilla trekking permits, vehicle entrance fees and entrance fees for tourists into all the National Parks, mountain hiking permits, golden monkey permits and the Dian Fossey grave hiking permit among others. The RDB is also in charge of setting and regulating the price of tourist activities whereby the body increased price of permits from $750 to $1500 per person with effect from 6th May 2017.

This Organization also employs a number of locals into the National Parks in addition to promoting Community Development Projects to support and sustain the local communities surrounding the National Parks. The locals are thronged in these areas yet live in extreme poverty levels. Therefore, the Rwanda Development Board disburses 10% of the tourism revenue to the people to support a number of projects. As of today, several jobs have been created, health centers have been constructed or refurbished, schools have been constructed and water sanitation has improved through the provision of water tanks. The revenues disbursed are not only limited to Volcanoes Park but also other destinations such as Akagera and Nyungwe Forest National parks.

For more information regarding attractions in Rwanda and bookings for any safari within the country-be it gorilla safari, Chimpanzee tracking or game drives, you can reach their offices on Nyarutarama road, P.O Box 6239 Kigali Rwanda or call on +250 727 775170. You can also send an email to or access their website on

In conclusion, the Rwanda Development Board has tremendously contributed to tourism development in the country through marketing, setting and regulating the price of tourist activities and improving community development around the National Parks.