How To Stop The Kids From Driving You Insane on a Roadtrip

How To Stop The Kids From Driving You Insane on a Roadtrip

"Roadtrip with the kids.." That doesn't sound as happy as we expect it to be right?

Happy isn't always one of the best descriptions you can give to a trip. As most of us know, kids and roadtrip never go well together. But what if it could? What if you can enjoy a long travel and be happy that you have kids around? 

Yep, there is a way that those two can coexist.  

The key in having a tolerable roadtrip with the kids is to understand their needs. If you are a kid, would you be happy just sitting quietly in the backseat and waiting til you arrive at your destination? Perhaps not. Think of ways where you can keep them satisfied (aside of course from letting them stare out the window and admire the scenes on the road).

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to keep them busy. If you're too tired to think how you can handle them, I have provided a short list of things you can do to shift the moment in your favor. Ready?


1. Prepare an in-car DVD player

No other thing can silence the kids better than watching their favorite good ol’ movies while they’re hitting the road with you. Before traveling, be sure to ask them what they want to watch so they won’t get bored because they actually like what they're watching.


2. Play some car games

Of course, there's no guarantee that a 2-hour long movie can sustain the whole roadtrip so it’s best to have some car games ready. Below are some cool, noise-free games for the kiddos:

·         Find the Treasure in the Bottle – For this one, you have to fill a 2-liter glass bottle with three-quarters full of birdseed or rice. Place small household items like buttons, toy army men, paperclips, marbles etc in the bottle. Seal the bottle tightly so no rice or birdseed will be spilled all over the car. Make sure you know how many objects are there so you know if your kids got it right. Let them shake the bottle and find all the treasures buried in their bottle!

·         Fun Time With Maps – This game will not only keep your kids busy, it will also increase their alertness while learning new things. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a geography geek, just mention a specific country or state and let them find it on the map. One alternative for this game is to give them your destination and origin so they can track where you are on the map. Give them some stickers and highlighters to mark different places in the map.

·         Game of Cars – Give them a specific color and let the kids count how many cars they can spot with that color. No duplication of cars or else that car will be considered void. See how many they can spot in 2 minutes. Give some goodies after the game.


3. Let them create a scrapbook

Documenting your roadtrip would be fun! With a polaroid camera, some colored pens, and a blank scrapbook, you can transform the boring road into one that has a lot of exciting things to see. It’s not every day that you’ll pass this way so make sure that your kids will get the spur of the moment. We’re sure there are a lot of unique things to see. Stop by the road, let them snap some photos and maybe add some notes on where that is.


4. Bring plenty of toys for them

Never underestimate the power of having toys for your kids on the road. It will keep them distracted for a while. Bring their favorite doll or that toy car that they can’t leave home without. As earlier mentioned, it’s best to understand your child’s need in order for both of you to have a peaceful trip.


5. Pack enough snacks

They’ll get hungry soon enough and you won’t have the luxury of time to stop every time their tummy rumbles so make sure that you bring along snacks that aren’t messy to eat like yogurt, cookies, sandwiches, cut-up fruits and veggies, milk, and the occasional chocolate and chips. Listen to your kids when they think they crave for something to eat on the side of the road. You don’t want to unleash the dragon in them, am I right? So every once in a while, let them have their way.



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