How to Stay with Friends Together for a Holiday in London

How to Stay with Friends Together for a Holiday in London

You are off to London?

Probably you won't be traveling solo, but with friends or with your family?

Have you thought of renting an apartment together? Why not? It's a great way to enjoy the city and save some good money. You will be surprised how many apartments there are for rent. If it's a luxury one you are looking for, centrally located, a quite one, a budget one or one with many rooms. You should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

I've just recently visited London with four friends and we've decided to stay in an apartment together. We all had a busy week, having business meetings and exploring the city. We were looking for a fun week in London, but getting some good rest at night. So we were looking for an apartment with five bedrooms. To find one which is affordable sounds like a tough task in a city like London, but we did!

We booked with House Trip and found an apartment close to the Kilburn Park tube station. From there it took us only a few stops and we were in the city center of London. Also just up the road were several shops, a supermarket and pubs. Sounds good, right?

What would you pay for a place like that?

The price per night starts with € 242, which sounds a lot, but if you share it through 5 persons, it's only € 51 per night! That's the price for a private room. So if you are traveling with your partner or solo, this is a very fair deal!

That makes staying in an apartment very pleasant, as you still have budget left to spend elsewhere.


Then don't forget that you have your own living room, where you can have a good night cup and in the morning your breakfast! That saves you some more money, as you don't have to pay to get some decent breakfast in a cafe. I love my breakfast and it gives me a good start into the day! I know that quite a lot of hostels offer a free breakfast, but seriously... most of those 'free' breakfasts I had were not a good start into the day. They are fine, but nothing compared what I would serve myself at home.

On the other side, staying in a hotel where you just get up and a nice large breakfasts waits for you is a very nice thing to have as well! It's actually one of the things I really love about staying in hotels! But did you know that I have that as well when I'm staying in an apartment, even without buying/preparing my own breakfast?

No, it's not my partner who has to take care of it! ;-)  All you have to do is to go around the next corner and find a nice cafe. They will serve you just that prepared breakfast as well! :)


So everything got it pros and cons.

Also the apartment we stayed in, could have provided a nicer stay with small little things. As explained, our main aim was to find 5 rooms. Everything else was not our priority. But it would have been still nice to find a couple of tea bags or some coffee in the kitchen. Luckily it's not a big problem to buy these or other things you might miss. Still I wonder why an apartment owner doesn't provide those, as it's not a big deal and doesn't cost a fortune.

If it would be my apartment, I would charge € 1 more per night and just include these things! ;-)  Just imagine a bunch of travelers arrive after a long day of traveling in the apartment and start their stay in London British... with a nice cup of tea!

When sharing one bathroom with that many people, you should also keep in mind that leaving the house in the morning might take a bit longer. But hey... no worries!

You have free WiFi!

So rest yourself, lean back and do some research for the best travel tips for London!

I've stayed at many apartments for my city stays in the last few years. I love it and will for sure keep booking apartments!


Travel tip shared by Melvin for Travel Dudes


Kitchen photo credit to: @BudgetTraveller